Fantastic Facility

The Student Life Center at Fort Lewis College is a shining example of how a building has been specifically constructed for multi-purpose recreation. Strolling into the student life center several important features immediately pop out at you. The climbing wall towers off to the left. The aerobics room is a virtual fishbowl showcasing group fitness classes. The front desk creates a gateway to the rest of the SLC’s numerous activity areas. On the right, OP’s doors open up to a catacomb of outdoor gear and equipment. The rest of the Student Life Center follows suit with easy access combined with an environmentally conscious design.

Upon arriving at the Student Life Center, one will quickly see how it as one of the most desired destinations on campus. Whether it is a hunger of learning a new activity such as: climbing, biking, soccer or an ongoing challenge for an athlete to claim a new PR on his bench press. Standing inside this hybrid building, a person cannot help but to notice the different variety of activities. A 360 degree view of the facilities definitely reveals new do-tos and possibilities for any active person. The architecture of the student life center is an invitation to push your limits and challenge everything that you thought was previously possible. All of this comes back to beautiful orcastration on the part of the architect. Quick and easy access is what sets the Fort Lewis College’s Student Life Center apart from other run of the mill sports recreation facilities.

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