gpa is being lowered because student athletes arent smart enough.

The issue of GPA’s being lowered so that more students can participate in athletics can hurt and help students in my eyes. Its all up to the student whether it hurts or helps them, Some may already be exceeding the GPA minimum and are now slacking off because they do not need to maintain better grades. Some kids that had a low GPA are now getting a chance to participate in athletics, therefore might appreciate what they are given and reward the school and themselves by improving on academics as well. It is definitely a thin line when¬†deciding if it will hurt or help the student, but for the most part I believe it is something that should be supported. Kids in harsh cities will be get off the streets and into sports programs after school, ones who don’t have anything going for them will have the¬†opportunity to advance in athletics and possibly increase grades to move onto the next level in their sport. [youtube][/youtube]

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