What role does sport play in High School? Lowering GPA worth it?

I believe that lowering the GPA minimum is ultimately hurting the athletes. Coaches and teachers need to encourage student-athletes to work hard in the classroom in order to participate in sports. The priority should first be academics and then sports. Therefore, they should not be messing with the academics side of school just to be able to allow students to participate in sports.

Eliminating GPA requirements at some high schools has angered some people, including students, who believe that playing sports is a right to be earned.

And that is how sports should be viewed: rights to be earned. Teachers and tutors are available for students who need help improving their grades in order to participate in sports. The students need to work harder in school, not be given a lower standard to meet for sports. It also hurts the students because how are colleges going to let them in if they have a 1.6 GPA from high school? High school needs to prepare them for college, and by lowering the GPA standard for sports, it does not accomplish that. There was another article I found that stated:

“Our main charge is to provide a quality education and prepare them for life after high school,” said Smithfield High Principal Rebecca Mercer. “We believe that academics should come first.”

High school students need to realize that there is life after high school and that high school is not all about playing sports, but also about getting an education. High school sports should be looked at as an opportunity and privilege, if the students participate. I believe that with the lowering the minimum GPA that it is sending a wrong image to the high school students about how important sports really are to a high school over the academics side.

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