GPA Is Not the Root of the Problem

Building well rounded student athletes requires a certain level of commitment from the team, and an equal effort from the coaching/administration staff. Having high school athletes meet a minimum grade point average has been a common method used throughout the nation for awhile now and has proven to be an excellent motivator. However there is the issue of students who are great competitors on the field, but not in the classroom. To challenge this dilemma the school administration of some schools, similar to the ones in the video, are lowering the GPA requirements drastically in order to keep more players eligible.

Essentially the idea behind this reduction in expectations is that players who have struggled in class before will have a little less stress when it comes to making the academic cut. Theoretically they will be more inclined to strive towards success on their report cards. Unfortunately, student athletes that had no problem meeting the old requirements before the change now have two new options. Continue to cruise through their studies and excel in sports, or to let their old self standards plummet. This could potentially encourage students subconsciously that they can now worry less on school and lean towards more self-destructive hobbies.

As for the students who’s GPAs were borderline before, now feel that their mentors have little confidence in them. This could paint the image in the students that they need “training wheels,” so to speak, when it comes to their grades. This change in educational requirement does not fix the problem. Perhaps schools should spend more time figuring out where the errors in communication between student and teacher reside, rather than stressing over the football teams record. School administrations should consider more “big picture” concepts when attempting to create solutions to these types of issues in academia.


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