Low GPA: hurt or help student athletes??

The lowering of the GPA can have both a negative and positive effect, causing either to hurt or help a student athlete. Lowering the GPA can hurt the student athlete by creating lack of fairness, which those student athletes that actually try to keep their grades up for a high GPA will then have a sense of slacking off if the GPA is lowered; meaning that he/she may not to work as hard as before to keep their class grades up. Not having to keep grades up high, it means that student athletes do no have to study as hard, which then causes an issue for when standardized tests are required to be taken. Some students may not have the right amount of knowledge in order to pass the test, causing issues to meeting graduation requirements and receiving a diploma or being accepted to a college. A low GPA gives less emphasis on the student and their education, and more on staying eligible, which on the other hand has a positive effect, such as keeping students off the streets. With a low GPA, schools may be viewed as being more focused on the sport and wanting to win rather than education.

The low GPA can help student athletes by giving them an opportunity to be on the team because they will be able to reach the GPA. It will keep student athletes in school, being occupied in playing a team sport and staying out of trouble. Some student athletes may become more focused in their classes just to keep the GPA at the certain low level. The graduation rate may be increased because more students will be able to keep up with the low GPA.

One has to look at both sides of the issue before deciding if a low GPA will help or hurt the student athlete.

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