When discussing the issue of lowering the GPA requirements for student athletes and whether or not it hurts them, there are a few factors that need to be addressed. The first is question is, does it actually hurt the students? And secondly, how does it affect the school?

As far as the students go, I don’t think their GPA holds any real weight as far as their intelligence/ success goes. To me all it says is that they can take orders and regurgitate information. A good GPA only means that yes, I am a perfect candidate for you to shape and mold into what society wants. Now I’m not saying that is a bad thing. A good GPA is really helpful, and students should take pride in the fact that they can excel above others in certain subjects. However, they should apply that pride and knowledge towards helping others, instead of being egocentric and victimizing themselves. Just cause a student athlete doesn’t have a good GPA doesn’t mean he/ she is a slacker and hasn’t worked hard, they just don’t learn in the “standard” way.

Now as far as schools go, lowering the GPA standards may cause them to lose government funding which can cause issues, but that presents an entirely different ethical issue. How should we feel about the government and our economy if all they want is people who can learn “their way?”



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