“STUDENT” Athlete VS. Student Athlete: How the GPA minimum drop affects the student side of student athlete.

We believe that in the long run the lowering of the GPA really hurting the students athletes. By lowering the GPA it allows student athletes to be rewarded by participation in athletics for doing less work in the classroom. However there is some good that comes from the lowering of the GPA, for example it allows kids with troubled life’s to participate in sport and possibly help them change their life. We believe that even if it does help the kid on bad tracks turn their lives around, what will happen after high school? If student athletes are barley maintaining a minimum GPA of a 1.5 the odds that they will succeed in college or even get into college are very low.

Abel and myself both agree that if we really want the student athletes to succeed then a higher GPA minimum should be required. Sure you could say it is hard to get a higher once it is low but it is something that needs to be instilled throughout school systems. By lowering the GPA minimum it tells student athletes that it is ok to put sports ahead of school. When really it should be the other way around because the percentage of student athletes that go on to play professional is low. So if they aren’t one of those few that make it professional they should have school to fall back on. This is why we think that the lowering of the minimum GPA is hurting the overall status of the student part, of student athlete.

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