Get Rich or Die Trying….

This article is really disturbing to me, as I know she is not the only single parent that has suffered this type of discrimination. The decision that the director made was very damaging to Sondra a single mother, that probably does a lot for her children but she cannot afford to help her kids stay active due to the costs of participation. This type of issue is in my opinion just what is most efficient. I am sure there are ways the director could work with the system to try and get families that can’t financially pay for their kids to participate in sport. I worked for the City of Durango and I know of many times that the director of youth sport worked ways to fit every child into the sport. I am sure the director is right and there was indeed budget cuts but it seems that there is some way that they could come up with maybe a payment system or higher discount for her situation. But we also don’t know how many other families have approached the director in need of assistance and if he finds a way to discount or help Sondra out and other families find out he may feel obligated to do it for any families that say they need help. I believe the director is in the wrong. We complain that American have such a high obesity rate in children and they lack physical activity but this is one of the exact reasons why some children are obese. They just simply can’t afford to participate in sport.


This video discusses how expensive it cost for youth to participate in sporting activities.


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