Money Problems $?

Sondra is trying to do the best for her children by getting them to be active and participating in sport; but the issue is the fee for the league. Some families may be in the same position as Sondra, having the fee of a sport league be the problem for not offering their children the opportunity to play in a sport offered by their recreational center. It gives them an unfair chance to play and become active.

The fact is because of economic problems, recreation centers have to do budget cuts in order to keep allowing services, but this may also mean in higher fees for sport leagues and/or not being able to give financial assistance for those who need it. This then can make it difficult for families with multiple children or even one child to pay for the cost of a sport league offered by the recreation center. Even though the cost of the league is $75 per child with a $25 discount for multiple children may not seem to be costly for some, for others it may be a financial issue. Those who are unable to pay the fee because of rejected financial assistance, may have the issue for their children to become heavier because of lack of motivation to be active, maybe less social, and/or less opportunity to learn new skills or master skills they already know. Like Sondra, parents may need to explore different options in order to give their children the opportunity to play; for example, talking to the director in order to come up with a plan to allow the children to play, this could be coming up with a payment plan or  the fee is based on the income of family. Also the director may come up with ways to make money for the funding of the recreation center.


As part of the ethical decision making process, the best options to work for this issue would be the utilitarian approach or the common good approach. Both of these approaches fall along the same line of what is the best for this issue and what options there is to address the problem. Such options that can be offered to address the issue of allowing Sondra’s children play using the approaches chosen could look into the examples given above.

In my opinion, if I was in the director’s place, rather than just pointing out that no financial assistance would be available, I would look for options that will allow Sondra’s children play while getting the fee situation settled. There are many families that run into this problem, and instead of rejecting their children from playing in a recreation center league sport, options about the payment should be considered.

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