Single Mother’s Privileges

Single mother’s like Sondra take on considerably more than most parents in partnerships.  This scenario reflects what the recreation center deems as privilege and in this case it is that they hold true to their participation fees.  Is sport participation a right or a privilege? Sondra is a single mother who is raising four children and while she wants to provide the opportunity of sports participation for two of her children is not able to afford the $125 participation fee.  She has sought financial assistance through the recreation center, but budget cuts have not allowed them to offer this to her.  Financial assistance from the recreation center seems to be the only alternative that Sondra has looked into and they told her,

“sport participation is a privilege, not a right…the recreation center was therefore under no obligation to provide financial support.”

It seems that it sports participation is only a privilege for people who are able to afford the sum of money for participation and because of this there reflects socio-economic discrimination in this suburban Midwestern area of the United Sates. Some alternatives that have not been addressed are to seek other baseball leagues within the area to see if any other institutions would help her children to be allowed to participate in sports for a more affordable fee and if she wanted to continue to stay at the recreation center maybe she could see if there was a way she could make payments instead of paying the full sum at once.  If Sondra was only able to afford the participation fee for one child then she could also do this as well.  It seems that Sondra has chosen the recreation center for some reason as well as trying to provide new opportunities for two of her four children, so asking the staff or managers at that facility if she could make payments over the duration of the baseball season seems like a possibility.  If she was able to explain her situation they may have a payment plan available so that her children would still be able to participate and the facility would still be paid the amount of money they have asked for.  This approach which is a mix between the common good and utilitarian approaches seems most appropriate of for the situation.  If the facility is willing to work with Sondra in her financial situation they would be gaining a loyal costumer who has two other children that she would want to provide opportunities for in the future.  She would also be happy that she was able to provide this opportunity for children and the two children who were able to participate would benefit by learning life skills such as, building self-esteem, team work, communication with new and different people, how to deal with challenges all while having fun and feeling that they belong to something.  I think this alternative would provide the most positive outcome for all people involved in this situation.


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