To play or not to pay, that is the question



Recognizing the Issue/Get the Facts

The ethical issue here is that sport should be equally accessible to all people. Sondra is unable to pay for her children to participate in youth baseball due to financial reasons. Sondra is a single mother of four who believes that sport participation would be beneficial for her children. Knowing that she wouldn’t be able to pay for her children, she went to the director of the recreation center to seek help. After talking to the director, she was told that because of the recent budget cuts, no financial assistance would be available for her children to participate.

Evaluate Alternative Action

As the Director of a youth sports program, there are a few different routes I would go with in this situation. One being, offering a payment plan to the mother to make it easier on her financial burden, of give her fundraising ideas and tips in order for her children to be able to play baseball. I do not believe the Director handed it well the first time.

Make a Decision and Test it

Making the decision to offer the mother a payment plan does the most good and least amount of harm, it respects the rights of all who have a stake, people are getting treated equally, as well as serves the community as a whole.

Act and reflect on an outcome

After all is said and done, a review of the procedure would be conducted. Was this the right direction or do we need to do something totally different? How could we have made this decision better and how can we improve it? Was it helpful to those in need? Questions similar to this would be used when acting and reflecting on the outcome after making an ethical decision.


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