Will That Be Cash or Callousness?

This is a difficult issue. When initially looked at, it would seem to be a win/lose situation for either parties. On one side of the spectrum, if Sondra can’t afford the fee, her kids lose out but the Rec. Center doesn’t take a financial hit or instigate PR issues. However, on the other side, if the Rec. Center allows the kids to play, it will benefit the family but concurrently increase the centers financial strain and generate PR issues with other families who want equal treatment. Additionally, if the Rec. Center doesn’t charge fees to make money, they can’t continue the programs and everyone loses out. So the question is posed, should kids suffer and lose out on opportunity, just because they don’t have money or should Rec. Centers allow fiscally strained kids to play, but take a hit in both the financial and PR departments?

Along with the family and the center’s director, one other group should be considered in this situation. All the other families of the sports program should be consulted. If they are informed to the state of Sondra’s family, perhaps they could help her or at least try and understand the problem. The director could ask all the people involved, and see if they wouldn’t mind that Sondra’s kids play for free or ask for financial help from families that can afford it. Another option could be that Sondra performs some community service within the sports program in return for letting her children play.

The common good approach would be the best way to confront this situation. This issue deals with a community program, so it should be looked at as a communal effort. Everyone’s actions benefit the whole.



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