Is sport a privilege or a right?!

That is the question. Is sport a privilege or a right? What decision needs to be made to best reach out to the community and present the best option for participating in community sports? How many families have similar situations to Sondra’s?

First of all, the decision of requiring a participation fee to join the community sports’ teams could be damaging to the group of population that can’t afford to pay that fee. Therefore, this decision that needs to be made comes down to the question: What is the most efficient decision and how does this best serve the whole community equally?

The relevant facts of the case are the fact that community sports cost to join, some people believe that “sport is a privilege, not a right,” kids should have equal opportunity to join sport teams, and they should not be stopped by money. One article on mentioned that:

Playing a sport can help prevent drug and alcohol abuse, and children participating in sports are less likely to start smoking, and if they do smoke, are more likely to quit.

There are some important people that have a big stake in the outcome: single parent with a family and poor families. There are definitely many options that can be taken into consideration about how to deal with these people that aren’t able to join community sport teams because of cost.

Which option best serves the community as a whole, not just some members?

All children should have equal opportunity to be on a community sports team, whether or not they decide to, that is their choice. Some ideas that could be considered are: lowering costs of participation fees or advertising more about having businesses and companies sponsor kids financially. In order to do this, people need to be educated and how they can promote community sport involvement. By offering members of the community the opportunity to sponsor some of the teams, they can help where single parent families are able to let their kids participate without money being a huge issue. The article on also mentioned that:

Sports allow children to assume leadership roles, handle conflicts, and manage their time.

Sport is a privilege and a right; however, kids should have the equal opportunity to be able to participate in sports if they so desire! Therefore, I think they should allow Sondra’s kids to participate in sports, and they can find ways to pay for the cost, or lower the cost!

Give kids as many opportunities as you can!


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