Olympics Sustainability Implementations

In recent years, the Olympic Games have developed into one of the most recognized mega-international sporting events. The increasing number of cities that bid to host the Olympics and the increasing funds invested in Olympic bids show that local leaders perceive the securing of such an event as an opportunity to improve economic and social aspects of a city or region. Through the rising investments triggered by staging the
Games through raging  entertaining sporting events and shows. Shows by example in Beijing, the Lighting and Exiting ceremony were a success. The host cities in this aspect perceive to provide opportunities for urban development and rises in opportunities. Which could in turn give positive encouragement and implementation on sustainability.

“The Sochi 2014 Games will not only rejuvenate the city of Sochi, but will also contribute to the economic, cultural and environmental development of the entire Krasnodar Region. They will make it possible to create new standards in ecology, strategy and corporate governance. In other words, Sochi will become an example to other cities of Russia and the world. The Games in Sochi will leave behind an invaluable legacy, whose benefits will be utilized by Russian citizens long after the Games themselves become history”


Aspects such as these could make better improvements on developments  and incentives to provide for venues to encourage more sustainability features. Features like the Green Building Recognition Program could be a good start to having these programs provide more ways to encourage sustainability options.

“In June, the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee announced the start of the third stage of the Green Building Recognition Program — a contest for the Olympic venues’ investors and operating companies and the launch of the second Sustainability Award «Gateway to the Future!»”


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