Sochi: Is it worth it to host the Olympic Games?

I think the plans for sustainability are achievable because they are using the most of the opportunities that they are given and principles to follow a design to be able to have sustainable development. This development creates positive change within a country, because countries gain many positive aspects when they host the Olympic Games in their city.

Sustainability means creating long-term positive change in the social, economic and environmental spheres, based on effective use of the resource potential for all Russians both today and tomorrow.

Hosting Olympic Games allow cities to gain potential and change in their economic standings, along with the environment and social aspects. The economic aspect is affected because there are many people and tourists that come to watch and participate in the Olympics. The hotels, businesses, and restaurants are all positively impacted by the Olympic people.

Sustainable development is a process based on the combination of economic growth, social development and environmental protection. Sustainable development meets the needs of the present, while not jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Sustainable development is a smart plan and definitely something needed to help the countries that host the Olympic Games. It focuses greatly on the three aspects: economic, environment, and social.

Is it worth hosting the Olympics?

Approximately 80% of cities in which the Games were held after 1972 are now among the 200 most popular cities in the world. The Games in 1992 helped Barcelona to become one of the world’s major tourist centres.

I definitely think that it is worth it hosting the Olympic games because it helps with the economic status of a country, especially when statistics show that 80% of cities after the Olympic games have become the most popular in the world. Knowing this as well as all of the sustainable developments that the organizing committee puts together goes to show that all of the plans for sustainability are achievable.

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