Sustainability: More Than Hippie Culture

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The organizing committee’s plans for sustainability, specifically the “Zero-waste” plan; seem achievable. The “Plan-Do-Check-Act” strategy of the sustainable development management system will help the committee meet or exceed all of its commitments, should the strategy be carried out as planned.  The eco-friendly movement is furthered by the plans for reducing waste and recycling items.  In addition, the transportation system will help many people with or without disabilities attend the games without having to drive individually. This will help reduce emissions and assist the committee in meeting the commitment of “neutralizing the balance of carbon dioxide emitted into the air in Sochi.”

Furthermore, the organizing committee’s use of modern technologies will assist the games with operating in a greener, more efficient manner. If the organization’s goals are met as planned, the distribution of information to other countries can aid them with constructing more environmentally friendly Olympic Games in the future. In the case that the goals and commitments are not met, information could still be shared with other countries as to prevent unnecessary environmental harm from occurring.

I also found the implementation of a green building recognition program to be very appropriate. The investors and companies that plan to coordinate or operate with the Olympic and Paralympic Games have more initiative to operate in a greener fashion.  This program should draw attention to green awareness and encourage companies or vendors to become more efficient and environmentally friendly, even if they are not enrolled in the recognition program. This should help the organizing committee achieve their overall goals.


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