All in better aims for Sochi2014

The Sochi2014 will be held in Russia during February of next year; with this said, the Sochi Organizing Committee of the Olympic & Paralympic games have set goals or aims to make this event one that will be remembered and be the most compact. The strategies, these being vision, legacy, the Russian Diamond, brand, sustainable development, and games impact, seem to be achievable, ones more likely than others. One of the main objectives that the Committee has set is “uniting all individuals and organizations involved in Russia’s first ever winter Games…., the Games leaving a rich legacy for both Sochi and Russia as well as the Olympic and Paralympic Movement.” Also to that, it has given the importance to meeting the needs to those with disabilities.

The vision of the Games is to “express the spirit of modern Russia” along with that a positive change. With the Games being held in Russia, many spectators will be able to see the country and what it has to offer. This may easily bring new ideas into the country and work that into the government. The legacy gives in to the vision of a positive change for the development of the country bringing social and economic changes along with richness to the values of the Olympics and Paralympics, this making it achievable to the sustainability for a positive change to the country of Russia.

One of the strategies that Sochi 2014 is planning to embark is to be the first to embody “peaceful, productive dialogue between peoples”, having the to commitment to innovate. This strategy of the Sochi brand seems to be one of the more likely to be achievable because of the reasoning that the Committee gives in order to reach this aim, the brand promoting:

    • “A country rich in history, embarking on a successful future,” where it will combine the past and the future with a new generation for the Games.
    • “A country open to opportunities and the passion to make dreams a reality;” Sochi is planning to help young people learn about the sport and become engaged on learning something new and hopefully keep this participation in sport long term.
    • “A country that is committed to equality and celebrates diversity;” with people in disabilities in mind, Russia will try to improve the attitudes towards them, this by giving them importance and meeting their needs.

The sustainability to achieve in making the winter Olympics and Paralympics a spectacular event has set 6 main areas of activity that with the right aim are able to be achieved. These 6 areas are: healthy lifestyle, harmony with nature, barrier-free environment, economic prosperity, modern technologies, and culture and national values. The Committee will do youth programs, giving them the education of how to have and maintain a healthy lifestyle among the youth. Setting programs to teach people about environmental protection and sport is how the Games will achieve harmony with nature and barrier-free environment. Keeping people with disabilities in mind, Sochi is building buildings, public transport and other facilities to meet the needs of those and keeping this a barrier-free environment. The Games will be using new technology and infrastructure to making it a new generation for the future. It will incorporate its history into the Games, showing its culture to many spectators.

The Russian Diamond will help reinforce its goals or aims in order to achieve them. The Russian Diamond consists of nine elements, these being excellence, efficiency, integration, hospitality, unity, uniqueness, respect, legacy, and harmony. This will help in achieve what Sochi has set to do, to make this event with a memorable legacy. The elements has in mind to meet the needs of others, providing unity, uniqueness, hospitality.  The Committee has planned out well what their plans are for Sochi2014. With this, they will be able to achieve those aims.


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