Socail Media, NFL’s New Marketing Technique

We all know that the NFL is a huge organization which makes billions of dollars a year. While the NFL can be spending big money on traditional communications, they chose to go the other route using non-traditional ie. facebook, twitter, and instagram. The reason they are going in this direction is not because they don’t want to spend the money, but instead because it reaches a wider audience. The NFL decided to hype the release of the 2013-2014 football schedule  earlier than usual and started creating hype by posting it to social media websites for people to see.

The NFL is trying to get people excited about the season before the schedule comes out so that people will stay tuned. Once people are tuned in and the schedule is released, people will be so excited that they will start to buy tickets right away. An example would be by letting a video out similar to this, . It gets fans who miss football going and ready for their team which may increase sales in every aspect. The NFL knows that many people are now on social media and the circulation of ads, videos, or whatever they are trying to get across will reach a wider audience. This article show an example of  how teams and organizations are turning to social media to get the word out, .

Some form of non traditional communication that teams or the NFL may do is by having emails sent out to an older group of people. Social media is used by many but if there were a group who would not receive the message, it would be older people. However, older people have emails and check them quite frequently. They are also a group with not as much to do (if they are retired) and enjoy events such as football games.

The NFL is increasing their usage of social media for marketing purposes. It seems that the hype got to a large audience and I do Believe they will continue to communicate through social media because of the effectiveness both financially and physically.


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