The Sport Of Rodeo Finally Upgrades

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The video gives a brief description to those who are unfamiliar with the sport of rodeo in the event of Tie-Down roping.

After years of being behind, the sport of rodeo finally upgrades. Television is not new, but in the sport of rodeo, it’s fairly new. Along with their website, the few technology that have contributed to the Professional Cowboys and Cowgirls of the sport are the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) app available to mobile devices, and  using technology to help pay the rodeo contestants.

Before rodeo contestants had to wait in line in order to get their paycheck. Rodeo contestants, make a living like any professional athlete, they have to compete and perform amongst the best, and of course they have to make a living by getting paid. RodeoPay is like online banking; fees get paid to PRCA commissioners, checks can be deposited into banking accounts, and they can also get checks through this technology.  It is simple for contestants and other rodeo personnel to use; they can have their money available to them using RodeoPay. Karl Stressman states,

With RodeoPay, the money you win is deposited directly into your bank account within two to three days of a rodeo ending. Karl Stressman, 2012.

RodeoPay is not only available for contestants use, but for other people who contribute to putting up a PRCA rodeo. The sport of Rodeo is finally rolling on the ball. Rodeo contestants provide feedback to PRCA committee members on how they could continue to provide and keep up to date with technology for upcoming Rodeo contestants.

Stressman sums it up on the sport of rodeo and technology bonding together in the near future.

ProRodeo is in some ways a very traditional sport with deep roots in this country’s history, but there’s no reason not to constantly challenge ourselves to take advantage of new technology to improve this business for all involved, most importantly our members. Karl Stressman, 2012.

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