The Vine will grow

The video above contains ten examples of vine videos. The tactic of the application is the availability of taking short videos and  uploading them to twitter just like a picture. The hope for this is to make an easier way to share videos that can be used to create GIFS, which are a hit right now, a teaser tool for games or events, a new media outlet, a way to improve public relations, etcetera. This is pretty top notch and new as far as ways of communication. It helps significantly that twitter owns the application and twitter is already such a huge social media website, this will help the Vine boom! I love that the video continuously loops, this makes it exceptionally good for funny videos such as player mistakes (not that we should laugh!!). It also can provide so much more information than a still picture. Hopefully teams will start to use the Vine for all sorts of different events: before games, during games and halftimes, after games, highlights, opposing teams’ faults, injuries, broken records, the possibilities could go on.



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