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Advertising on social media sites like twitter and Instagram, are new ways advertisers are reaching out to fan bases. I myself follow the Miami Heat on Instagram and Twitter they post pictures and activities all the time on them. One example of advertising was after the Heat had won their second title in 2 years they did Larry loves Miami for the Larry O’Brien trophy. This was where Heat fans could come out and feel like they were move involved with the team, and when they feel more involved with the team they are more likely to buy tickets and other merchandise. Especially when these events are taking place at the arena, or Heat Stores


The Miami Heat on Instagram post pictures of the games what days the games are. This is good because we are a social media society now a days, and when we are on social media all the time it is good to post things that will keep the fan base in-tune. The Heat Instagram post pictures of Jerseys that are limited edition, and they hide them on the Heat store website. So it is like a scavenger hunt to find these limited jerseys on there before they are all out. The last example that i have is for some games they post a picture of the item of the game that you can buy from their Heat store.

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Overall I think that they are doing a good job of adverting and putting the team out there for their fans. The social media advertising is a good thing because it reaches out to the fan base around the world and kind of gives them a sense of feeling that they are a local fan. With the product advertisement i think it is really good because die-hard heat fans are going to want those limited jerseys or items of the game. The one thing that i would have to suggest for them that they should do a section on where they follow a Heat player through their whole day and post videos and pictures of this. I believe that it would really give fans the feelings of involvement in the players lives, and a look through the organization. Other than that it is a good job of advertisement, and i have even been tempted to buy things because i have seen them on these social media sites

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