New stadium, another million dollars from the public

When professional sports industries plan to build new stadiums, where do they expect to get their funding from? From their own salaries or the public money? Well, of course from public financing, the people, the fans.

The Atlanta Braves, for example, plan to build a new stadium in Cobb County in which they will put into use in the 2017 season. This new stadium has reserved about 60 acres of land in order to build the new stadium, which will also include parking, land and infrastructure. This project is expected to cost about $672 million dollars; but where will this funding come from? As stated in the article “Braves plan to build new stadium in Cobb”, Derek Schiller says that the Braves will be a “significant investor” but not giving to how much money they will put in and that Cobb County will also be responsible to giving large amount of money as well, but the Braves will pay any cost over the set amount. This new stadium is expected to “enhance fan experience”; for this reason the new stadium will reach supposedly reach new heights.

The new stadium well get to a better fan experience for their fans than the Turner Field, but at what cost. If the reason to build the new stadium is to build and enhance the experience of their fans, why not upgrade the Turner Field? This will cost a little more than half of the new stadium. Instead of building the new stadium, where the reserved area can be used for other buildings needed in the county and may build new employments, the management of the Braves should find ways to upgrade the current field in a more economic way and keep the stadium to where many memories have been made. This way the public can use their finances in their own leisure or needed buildings for the area. Why give and fund more public money than a team that makes millions of dollars. The public should have a say into if they would want a new stadium, not just the home team.


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