Top Dollar Athletes…Are They Worth The Change?

Do you like to play sports? Do you like to get paid? How would you like to get paid anywhere from hundreds of thousands of dollars to tens of millions of dollars to play professional sports for just one season? Sounds pretty great right, what more could someone ask for? You’re getting paid to play sports for a living. Well how about asking for more money on top of the millions you’ve already been paid?

This seems to be a very common occurrence nowadays doesn’t it? It seems like we are hearing of lockouts or strikes every other professional sports season. While we all want to be paid more for the services or work we perform, most say it is ridiculous how multi-million dollar athletes are demanding more money, and this undoubtedly affects the sports industry one way or another.

So, where is the additional money going to come from to pay top athletes more? If you said higher ticket costs, more expensive concession foods, pricier parking fees, and higher priced officially licensed products, we would certainly not be wrong. But what effect does this have on the sports industry? Well, for starters, if ticket prices rise, it may be likely that fewer fans will go to games. Fewer fans at games, equals less concession sales, fewer concession sales, results in less additional revenue coming in. This is obviously a negative impact for the sports industry.

From examining two different articles, Two Sides to Every Coin: Are Professional Athletes Overpaid?, and Athlete’s Salaries Too High? Sports Fans, Blame Yourselves, a common conclusion was shared between them; the fans or consumers are the ones to blame for the high amount of money paid to professional athletes today. While they demand more by strikes or face lockouts, the sports industry suffers even more while these events unfold. But again, it is the consumers’ fault that athletes are paid so much, and gain a sense of entitlement to more money.

While the increase in prices might seem like it would negatively affect the sports industry, there are always going to be sports fans willing to pay the price for a unique sporting experience. These large, multi-million dollar contracts could, however, help strength the economy or financial situation of certain sports leagues by intriguing old and new fans alike to see whether the players are actually worth it. They want to see if the athlete has the skill to justify the amount their team is paying them, thus consumption will increase in that regard. As one of the article’s title states, there are two sides to every coin. This side is obviously the positive as it has the potential to create interest and excitement among loyal sports fans.


So, as we can see, there are both positive and negative sides to how much athletes are paid.  To get an idea of how much top athletes are paid, please see the video:

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