Now Thats A Lot Of Money: Atlanta Falcons Stadium


As the Atlanta Flacons build this 1 Billion dollar retractable roofed stadium, that should be upon completion in 2017 we ask how and where is the money coming from? Well there was a lot of work that went into this, it didn’t happen just over night. To be specific two years of negotiating was part of the process. “According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the city’s economic development arm voted 8-1 to approve issuing more than $200 million in bonds” these bond are coming from hotel-motel taxes. The old Georgia dome when the new stadium is complete will be over 20 years old. This new stadium wont just be an upgrade, but according to the article from CBS sports it will be one of the top facilities in the league. Which I would hope so if it is going to be a 1billion dollar project.


Some issues that come up with public funding for these sports stadiums are that not everybody likes the sports team. For example you could have someone who has never even seen the Atlanta Falcons play a game, and they are helping pay these 200 million dollar bonds. What do they get out of it, since they don’t care about the team. Well that is one problem when coming to this situation, another problem that people look at with a situation like this is, could this money be going to a better cost? Like new medical research, education, or there are plenty of other examples people can make cases that this money can go toward. So ask yourself is this new stadium going to be for the greater good?



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