For the love of the game

If I could sum up Lynn Andrew’s speech in one word, it would be Passion.

Our Administration program in Exercise Science class was fortunate enough to have Lynn Andrew, the Associate Athletic Director at Fort Lewis College come speak to us on behalf of her career path.

Being a student athlete, I throw up a wave, a “hey how are ya”, and a smile whenever I see Lynn-usually on the daily.  But in reality, I didn’t know a whole lot about her.  The hour we were able to meet, it was evident she is full of drive, energy, determination and connections.  After today not only can I say I know a load more about Lynn, but gained the upmost respect for everything she does for us as student athletes.  From event management on game days to scholarships to team budgets, she does it all.

We all gotta start somewhere, for Lynn it was with a dream and one that she felt strongly about at a young age. A few of us are blessed with a passion like that at such a young age.  And even fewer of us are able to stick to it to achieve what they want and deserve.  In college she was a very successful college basketball player which lead her to play in the professional league in Germany.

Hall of fame. Nuff said.

Many people would hang up their hats there but that just drove Lynn farther.  (Have I mentioned passion?).  After her playing days she went back to the states and coached women basketball teams from University of North Dakota, all the way to University of Alaska Fairbanks.

During her coaching days she went back and got her master of Science-Athletic Administration at Idaho State University.

To say we are lucky to have her now at Fort Lewis College is an understatement. This quote hangs in her office as a daily reminder:

Love what you do, feel what matters.

One point she drilled into our heads (and is also clear throughout her career so far) is it’s all about who you know. Majority of her opportunities, from coaching jobs to playing, came from connections. Along with connections, it’s about how hard you work. She said, “you never know who’s watching-always work hard.” Even if it won’t get the credit it deserves, it matters.

The sky is the limit. Lynn’s “pre-game pump up talk” has me ready and excited for my future career endeavors!

Thank you Lynn Andrew!

Peace and blessings,


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