For the love of the sports

I feel that Lynne Andrews is a prime example of giving back to the sport she loves, which is basketball. However, she is also giving the love back to all the sports that she administers. She made the transition from basketball player to a teacher and eventually an associate athletic director. Not a lot of people have so much enthusiasm for the job, but after listening to Lynne, I have an interest in sports administration or management.

So after the lecture, I begin having an interest in being an athletic director or a sports agent. I did not play college basketball, but I played in high school. I never a stray from the sports side, that is why I pursue a degreeĀ in exercise science.

Athletic director


I love what I do for Fort Lewis College.

I love this quote that Lynne use, because I want to have that love for my job.

I’m glad that I got to hear about her job and explaining how she progress through hard work.


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