Love What You Do and Feel That it Matters

Lynne Andrew is an inspiration and an example of how hard work, building connections and following your passion can lead to a life you love.  She followed her passion for basketball through many states and not so temperate climates to pursue her dreams. My favorite quote from Lynne is:

Love what you do and feel that it matters

She followed her love of basketball to a different country being awarded a scholarship in Devil’s Lake, North Dakota.  She was even able to travel to Germany to play basketball, not knowing the language did not stop her from following her passion!  After finishing her degree in Physical Education at Montana State University, she ventured back to Devil’s Lake, North Dakota to be an assistant coach wanting to teach her skills and pass it on to others.  She kept her goal of being head coach in mind as she took a position as second assistant coach to a Division I school in Utah and moved to Idaho State to complete a Master’s in Athletic Administration before moving to Fairbanks, Alaska to gain more experience.

Her goal had changed and she wanted to continue to gain more experience in the administrative area of athletics and found that she enjoyed the experience she was gaining in compliance.  She applied for a position as Head Coach for Fort Lewis College after spending 5 years in Alaska and has been an asset to the college ever since.  She wears many hats in her position including: coordinating sporting events, budgeting, mentoring “at risk” student-athletes and making sure the college is complying with the many rules for all sports.

What I have taken away from what she shared with us is that it is important to keep your goals in mind, do not be afraid to speak up, effectively learn how to manage your time, take time to build connections with people even if you are busy and put your heart into your work because no task is too mundane even if it is pulling out bleachers for an event.

I want to apply this to my life by not losing sight of my goal to teach yoga and eventually open a studio.  After interviewing the co-owners of YogaDurango this seemed like an insurmountable feat, but I think that if I put my heart into it, continue to build connections in yoga and take opportunities to learn even the mundane aspects of business it will be achievable.

Thank you Lynne for sharing your words of wisdom.


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