Profession Aspirations

If there is was one thing that I was able to take from Lynn Andrews’ speech and visit, is that hard work and dedication in what you love to do you absolutely can be successful. Andrews’ herself showed us that those commitments and devotion, you reap rewarding consequences. Applying the concepts that she emphasized towards the profession I would like to work in would be the following.

My career aspirations, I would like to become a registered Dietitian or Nutritionists, along with Personal training. These professions require discipline and good work ethic along with understanding of the clients. In doing so, these professions require dedication and the importance of all, to enjoy and love the profession I’ll be working in. Andrews emphasized certain characterizations to become successful.

First way¬† I would be working toward achieving those personal goals is to have dedication. Dedication in the work I’m doing and making effort to working hard to achieve certifications and degrees to get to the professions I’m wanting to do.

Second would be to honor the commitments i choose to do and by doing so having good work ethic.

Third would be of course the one thing i took from this visit as high importance is to “Enjoy what you do”.

Enjoyment of what a person does I think gives purpose and drive to that individual and I feel that having that emphasizes work ethic, dedication, and honoring commitments. Andrews speech was overall inspiring. To have someone enjoy her profession like she does gives great insight for all others that would like to work in the Exercise Science Department.


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