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Lynne Andrews, FLC Associate Athletic Director, shared briefly but in depth detail of her career path from her first job to her present career on Wednesday morning. With each job that Lynne worked in, it added experience and new skills to her work ethic. She has a real passion for what she does and enjoys the career place she is at presently; this is the kind of passion I want to have in my career. She gives full effort for every task, even the small ones, so that it is given well and presented well. Lynne shared with us a quote that goes “Love what you do and feel that it matters” and she has really put meaning into this quote by sharing with us the dedication she has in her work. Lynne is inspirational and has encouraged me to keep working at my dream of my career goal and to become passionate about it.

She shared with us some tips to be able to reach a high career position including such as building onto your career path meaning enjoy each job and take each opportunity of experience when it is presented; take ownership of your job by taking pride in what you are doing and make each detail count; make yourself visible, such as have good networking so that people know who you are, acknowledging people, and do the small things.

Taking these tips into implementation for my own career path may help me become successful and passionate for what I will do. I aspire to be a fitness trainer and a physical therapist. I can begin with making myself known and putting myself out there so that I build onto my networking and have myself known. This important for me to begin with because I am a shy person and it can be hard for me to put myself out there at times. With each job that I will do, I will take pride because it will be something that I will enjoy and make each detail count to that I can present myself will and show that I have a good work ethic. I hope to become successful and these tips can help me begin with that.

Thank you Lynne Andrews for sharing with us; you are really inspirational!

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