Real Madrid vs. The Phoenix Suns

The Real Madrid website not only shows information about their football (soccer) club, but also their basketball club.  The website updates fans and members about recent news as well as gives information about the teams, players, feeder teams and membership opportunities.  According to Forbes’ information about Real Madrid, “members” seem to be the stockholders of the club.  Members are the only ones that can have season tickets. This site seems geared towards both fans and members.  There doesn’t seem to be open two-way communication, though there are links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. where you can comment at the club.  There is also a link for Line, which seems to be a messenger app, but it does not say if you can communicate with the club. I found a lot of dates/deadlines listed in Real Madrid’s website that said 2012, I wonder if because this is their English site they haven’t felt the need to update it.

Real Madrid seems to be its own entity compared to the website for the Phoenix Suns, which is under the NBA.  Because it is an NBA team, the Suns website has a ticker that shows all the scores in the NBA.  Real Madrid only has Real Madrid scores. Unlike Real Madrid, anyone can buy seasons tickets for Suns games, not just members.  The Suns’ website seems fully updated. The Suns website is more casual and fun then the Real Madrid website.  The Real Madrid website does not talk about entertainers and performers that are part of their organization.  The Suns have a link for the Gorilla and for their dancers and cheerleaders.  Real Madrid has U-19 and developmental feeders, the Suns D-League (developmental league) team is not linked anywhere, and is its own separate entity as well.  You can contact the Suns directly with email, you cannot do that with Real Madrid.  Some of the tabs are the same on both websites, however, with news, fan zone, shop and tickets.

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