Real Madrid vs. Denver Nuggets

The Real Madrid website offers history on the sports and the news that is happening within the club. Not only do they have a football(Soccer), they also have a rich history with their basketball team. Their site includes events, foundations, pictures and even and area for members.This site is targeted towards all who love Real Madrid and want to see when next games are or what is happening during and post season, as well as, areas on the site that are for the fans and clubs to post pictures and enjoy celebrating their team from all parts of the world. Members of the club receive special discounts for games, purchasing either soccer or basketball games. They can buy tickets and even watch live games from this site. The Nuggets love their fans, which is why they have a Fan Zone where you can learn about the mascot Rocky, Hero of the Game; which brings active or non-active military personal down to the court at halftime to honor their services, Fans can also enter contest for halftime shows. This compares to the Denver Nuggets in similar ways as Real Madrid: the Nuggets site also offers fans ticket sales, schedules, history of the Nuggets, a place to meet the Nugget dancers and the types of foundations and youth programs they put on for the community. Both also have types of two way communication with the use of Facebook, twitter, Google +. The Nuggets offer more social media connections with their Dancers and also a YouTube page.


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