Academic incentives and regulations changes in the University of Florida’s athletic department

As Florida’s athletic director at Gainesville, our goal is to ensure our athletes achieve the level of success academically to their athletic achievement. This will entail stipulations and regulations in our coaches’ contracts to provide more academic incentives for continued success of our student athletes after their sport career ends. We will be changing the language of all our coaches contracts to bridge the big gap between athletic and academic incentives. Although 66% and 75% of basketball and football contracts include incentives for academic performance, athletics incentives far outweigh the rewards of academic performance. Currently, the ratio is 11 to 1 where athletics incentives averaged 600,000 dollars per coach compared to 52,000 dollars for academic success. Ideally, the ratio would 1:1. However, to remain competitive to retain our excellent coaches, we can’t dramatically decreased their athletic incentives and expect them not to leave. Our main goal at our university will break the way for other universities to follow and change the ratio to 6 to 1. The following changing to our stipulations and regulations concerning academic performance is listed below.

  • Must maintain team 2.5 grade point average. Contract will be terminated with coach if lower
  • Team 3.0 grade point average- $1,000
  • Team 3.25 grade point average- $2,500
  • Team 3.50 grade point average- $10,000
  • Team 3.75 grade point average- $20,000
  • Team 4.0 grade point average- $50,000

Bonuses will also be paid for the percentage of student-athletes whose annual cumulative grade point average increased over a period of time.

  • .05 increase in grade point average- $500
  • .10 increase in grade point average- $1000
  • .20 increase in grade point average- $2000
  • .50 increase in grade point average- $4000
  • 1.0 increase in grade point average- $6000
  • In addition, improvement in academic progress rates will also result in rewards. However, these bonuses will be determined by the university and will flex program to program. These changes in the contracts correlate with our goal ratio of 6 to 1. We hope to set a high bar for other universities and colleges to follow to accomplish our fundamental goal of helping student athletes academically succeed that will lead them to a fulfilling and happy career.

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