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It disturbs me that my men’s basketball and football coaches are caring less and less about academics and more and more about on the court success.  In order to make it so the coaches start recruiting athletes who focus more on academics I will make changes to their contracts.  Unfortunately, I do not believe that punishing the coaches will change anything because athletic success might be enough incentive to keep pursuing athletes with poor GPAs.  In order to obtain more academic success, I will decrease the amount of money that comes as a bonus for doing well athletically, and I will increase the number of possible bonuses and the amount of money for those bonuses if the coach does well with academics.  According to a study of Division I coaching contracts by Wilson and Burke, athletic incentives make up around 90% of all the incentives a coach receives.  I believe that we can take some of this money they can potentially earn and put it into academic incentives.  I think that the academic incentives will do are:

  • Team GPA higher than a 3.0
  • Incoming Freshmen high school GPA being higher than a 3.0
  • Earning National Academic Accolades
  • An APR rating of >980
  • A GSR (Graduation Success Rate) of >85%

I believe that if one lowers the amount of athletic incentive money listed in contracts that you will be able to increase importance on academics.

Another way I will emphasize academics is write into the contracts clauses that include potential termination if the coach is not making academic progress.  I will define academic progress as team GPAs increasing each season or staying above a 3.0, and/or APR and GSR increasing each season or staying at desired levels.

I understand that a lot of this is also determined on the student and what type of student they are.  That is why the coach will be required to have a mandatory study hall, and must provide tutors to the athletes.  This will also be written into their contracts.

If all of these methods are used, I believe that my coaches will start putting more emphasis on academics.

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