Coaching “Student-Athletes”

In the present day, athletics have become a huge part in our society. With this, coaches of big successful teams have forgotten what it means to be a student athlete. Most coaches are more concerned with recruiting the best, biggest players, rather than making sure their current athletes are doing academically well. Basketball coaches are faced with the “one and done” athletes, which makes it difficult to emphasis the importance of being a “student athlete.” Where as football you must to stay in school for three years before leaving the school and going to the pro’s.

When putting together coaches contracts certain incentives will be implemented to make sure the staff helps in success of the student athlete in all areas, not just their sport. This needs to be a top priority for coaches and their players. Yes, winning national championships and holding records is what every coach wants. Yet, they need to remember that they need to teach them and help them succeed being a student before anything else.

In the coaches contract it needs to state clearly, that all student athletes must maintain a GPA of 3.0, that there are mandatory study hall the athletes goes too, and they must attend every class unless excused. To give the coaches incentives to make sure they are really requiring their athletes to fulfill these requirements, they will receive a pay increase/ bonus if all their athletes fulfill what the contract says.

Winning is a great feeling in sports, but winning in life is the greatest achievement. Student athletes need to be over all successful and not just on the court/field.


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