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Our overall goal is to provide the student athletes with a strong education in which they are entitled to. Education is the basis to this university. In order to improve our graduation rates and the GPA of the individual athletes, certain measures need to take action. Education needs to be stressed in and outside the gymnasium. When trying to implement a new plan and a new way of doing things, we first need to target the leader. In this case, our leaders are our coaches.

In order for our coaches to enforce the rules of academics among the students athletes, the coaches must have some type of incentive. As of now, we do offer athletic incentives to our coaches, incentives such as: post season appearance, conference championship appearance, elite eight appearance, final four appearance, and national championship. Getting our school recognized in an athletic light is important, but we also want to show that school also cares about the academic side. We want to show that we are providing the athletes the highest level of education, so that after the sport is done in their life, they have a meaningful degree to fall back on.

In the new contracts given to the coaches, there will be academic incentives now. As of next year, GPA (grade point average) and APR (academic progress report) will be highly emphasized. When the average GPA of the team has reached a 2.5, coaches will compensated for a $3,000 bonus. When the average GPA of the team has reached 3.0, coaches will compensated for a $8,000 bonus. When the average GPA of the team has reached a 3.5, coaches will be compensated for a $20,000 bonus. When the required NCAA APR is meet, the coaches will be compensated with a $10,000 bonus. Right now the NCAA  required APR is 930 which is requiring that schools should be graduating 40% of its student athletes. When our teams reach a 950 APR, the coaches will be compensated with a $12,000 bonus. If the teams reach an APR of 970, the coaches will be compensated with a $20,000 bonus.

The money in which required to pay for these new incentives will be taken out of the athletic incentives. Athletic incentives will no longer be as high as they use to be. The goal right now is to provide a higher education and graduate them. What good is athletic incentives, if our APR is not met. If we do not meet our APR, we will be another UCONN men’s basketball team story. UCONN in 2011 did not meet their APR and therefore could not make the post season play and also lost 10% of their scholarships. Which leads me to our next requirement. If we as a school do not meet the 930 APR, we will take away 20% of the team scholarships.

More schools need to place a high emphasis on academics. If we did place a high emphasis, the college basketball tournaments would like the following pictures. 2013-ncaa-mens-tournament-apr (1)  2013-ncaa-womens-tournament-apr

In my opinion, it would be nice to see the tournament like the pictures, because then we could see teams that we don’t normally get to watch. Also, we get to see the athletes that are doing great academically as well as being athletically gifted.  If we do change our ways of holding coaches and students accountable for GPA’s and APR’s then maybe we wont have as many college athletes struggling to find jobs after college. We also don’t want to be the type of university that does not academically challenge their student athletes. The following video is exactly why all colleges across the country need to change their ways. .

We owe it to our athletes to provide them with the education they deserve and we have a duty to graduate our athletes so they can have a meaningful degree that will help them when the sport can longer take them anywhere else.

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