NCAA Pac12 TV Deal

The NCAA has many conferences based on east coast, west coast, north, and south. The biggest conferences have their own TV program that shows all their games for men’s and women’s teams. The Pacific-12 Conference made a TV deal in 2011 called the Pac-12 Network. The network consists of seven networks/channels that give 24 hr broadcast of the teams who are in the Pac-12. When the Pac-12 was Pac-10, they signed a 12 year contract with EPSN and Fox. the contract was worth more than  $225 million per year, which leads to 2.7 billion for the 12 year contact.

The values of this TV rights deal has increased, even after march madness is over, this season the Pac-12 will be watched even more due to the Stanford women’s basketball team making it all the way to the Final Four. The University of Arizona being #1 seeded in the nation, teams and networks getting bonuses for Pac-12 teams making it further than other conferences’ teams. The value of the Pac-12 has increased by being so competitive whether in footbal, basketball, and baseball.

The “Conference of Champions” consists of Arizona State University, Oregon, University of Colorado, University of Arizona, Standord, UCLA, USC, Cal, Oregon State, Utah, Washington and Washington State. I think the conference is doing very well and makes a lot of money than other conferences, it has grown substantially and will continue to grow as teams get better and bigger. I wish I had the Pac-12 network to watch my favorite team during baketball season, this conference makes the most profit during the season.


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