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History of National Hockey League’s TV rights and why its raising.

Friday, April 25th, 2014

The National Hockey League has had a different history of TV rights deals than most other sports leagues. The first broadcaster of NHL games was CBS. TV rights have also been sold to ESPN, ABC, FOX, and Versus. These networks would have exclusive rights for games that they wanted to televise. The NHL has also had teams seek out their own local TV rights deals. This means the owner for instance of the Colorado Avalanche would seek a deal from a local station such as Altitude. Then for the playoffs, the NHL would sell their rights to a network such as NBC to televise playoff series. They would then sell exclusive rights to the Stanley Cup finals. NBC now has the rights to NHL games and local stations have broadcasting rights.

These TV rights deals have continued to escalate. In 2000 the TV rights deal was worth $120 million a year. In 2012 the rights were worth $200 million a year. In 12 years the worth of the NHL’s TV rights has almost doubled. With major networks such as ESPN, ABC, CBS, and FOX wanting in on broadcasting the NHL, it is expected that this number will only increase every year.

I think this has occurred because of the escalating interest in the sport of hockey. More and more great athletes are turning to hockey. This is causing a rise in interest. Fans of sports are also turning to hockey as an alternative to football during the winter and spring. With increased viewership TV deals rights will only become more lucrative for the NHL. The NHL also has a great playoff system that features four rounds before the final. With most playoff series going at least five games, networks have more opportunity to run sponsorships on the most watched games. I think the NHL will have bigger TV deals in the future because of this growing interest.

Opie Wilson, Kalen Dear

Dr. Houghton





Can the NWSL survive?

Monday, April 21st, 2014

Noah Dillon

Matt Clark


The ABL and USFL both failed to compete against larger organizations but experienced their demise in completely different ways for completely different reasons.


The American Basketball League (ABL) was founded in 1996 just a few months before the WNBA opened its doors. It promised “real basketball” and grabbed the best female players the USA had to offer at the time. After researching about both the ABL and WNBA the answers for failure became clear. The ABL, although having arguably better talent, was flat out boring and lagged in both ratings and fan views compared to the WNBA. Soon ESPN featured the WNBA game of the week but didn’t even mention the ABL scores in daily highlights. ABL advertising and games were run on channels that  no one watched. Nike got in on the action and backed the WNBA fueling the downfall of the ABL even further. Gary Cavalli the president of the ABL challenged the WNBA to something like a superbowl challenge but the WNBA turned the proposal down. Not long after the ABL continued on its downward spiral and became no more.

The USFL on the other hand tried to compete against the NFL by offering a different style of play. They had fewer regulations and made a game more into an entertainment spectacle with world class play. The USFL snatched Heisman trophy winners and NFL veterans to form their league. The downfall came when Donald Trump became somewhat of an unofficial spokesman for the league and tried to take the NFL head on by changing their spring games to fall. Quickly after this choice the league became somewhat of a laughing stock and fizzled down to nothing.

The only similarity between these situations is the problem of trying to take on another larger competitor head on. The ABL had to compete in an already small womens basketball market against the WNBA while the USFL had to compete against the Giant NFL. The ABL was run poorly and marketed in an ineffective way which led to its eventual demise. The USFL was seen as a joke by many and tried to challenge the NFL too soon which is why they were crushed in the end.

The NWSL, or National Women’s Soccer league, was established in 2013.  The season ran from April to August and was made up of 9 teams.  Each team played 22 games, 11 home and 11 away.  The league does have some super stars of women’s soccer, such as Alex Morgan and Abby Wambach, but it fails to appeal to soccer fans everywhere.  Last season, the inaugural season, the only way you could watch games was on YouTube or the teams’ own personal channel, this year games are going to broadcast on Fox Sports and Fox Sports 2.  It sounds great, they are getting on television, but those channels are not even close to being the most watched sports channels.

The biggest problem the NWSL is facing is marketing.  I think their big problem can easily become a speed bumps and not roadblock.  Marketing can be promoted by not over producing.  By this I mean they shouldn’t put out too much all at once.  You promote in a few select markets and let it grow each year.  They could also ask for assistance from the MLS, but I don’t know how much that would help because no one watches MLS soccer either.  Using the celebrity of Alex Morgan and Abby Wambach could also help the sport grow.  Those players, and others, have international success and can help promote their game in almost any market.  It will be interesting to see if they are able to maintain a steady presence in the soccer community


ABL vs. USFL: Keeping the Game Alive

Monday, April 21st, 2014

File-UnitedStatesFootballLeague.png                                                                           File-American_Basketball_League_(1996–1998)_(logo).png


In America, today, the people want to see sports on tv. The growing love of watching professional started long ago. But in the early 80’s it began to grow even more with the development of television. People could watch teams from across the nation. With ESPN growing as America’s flagship for sports entertainment, people wanted more. An antiques dealer from New Orleans by the name of David Dixon wanted to start an off season football league to be played in the spring and summer. He developed the United States Football League (USFL). In 1960 Dixon envisioned a spring and summer football league. FOr the next 15 years he prepared to make this happen. He studied the likes of leagues like the NFL, AFL, and World Football League. Dixon also formed a blueprint for the prospective league’s operations, which included early television exposure, heavy promotion in home markets, and owners willing to absorb years of losses,which he felt would be inevitable until the league found its feet in the market. Dixon then signed up 12 cities that would be host to the teams. 9 of those cities already had an NFL team in their respected city. Dixon set up million dollar television contracts with ABC and ESPN. USFL also had their own version of Monday Night Football. The USFL experienced problems in early years like most pro startup leagues. The league dealt with franchise instability, relocation, and closures. Another problem was trying to grow too quickly the league increased from 12 to 18 teams in the first two years. After financial problems the league declared CHapter 11 bankruptcy. When the league folded it lost over $163 million dollars.

The American Basketball League was a women’s basketball league that developed in 1996. It was formed after the growing interest of women’s basketball after the USA’s undefeated gold medal run in the ’96 summer games. The WNBA was being introduced to the public at the same time as the ABL. This led to conflicts with exposure and showed the lack of funds from the ABL. The ABL’s biggest problem was operating as a single entity structure. This made it so all major decisions and and operations were made out of the headquarters in Palo Alto, California. This didn’t help local markets who were trying to gorw and expand. The ABL could not keep up with the financial resources that the WNBA had and the league folded after 2 and 1/4 seasons.

The National Women’s Soccer League or the NWSL can learn some key points in trying to stay afloat from the USFL and ABL. One of the main things they can learn is trying not to expand too quickly until the nation has grasped the league and can hold attention. They should not try to compete with similar markets such as MLS. The biggest thing they need to overcome is how they’ll market the league. Their main target market should be girls between the ages of 7-19. This way they can get their attention early on and keep their attention for the rest of their life. You gotta start at the bottom.

Learning from ABL and the USFL to create a sustainable women’s soccer league

Monday, April 21st, 2014

To American society, it might seem it is easy for leagues to sustain themselves and flourish in a glamorous manner given the success of the big four professional leagues. However, to start off a professional league requires much luck, and financial planning and its common for leagues to fail. Two examples of failed professional sport leagues is the American Basketball League and the United States Football league which both folded after three seasons.

The USFL and the ABL were very different sport leagues, however they are similar in how they folded. The USFL had an issue of playing the quality of football that fans were used to watching the NFL. USFL couldn’t pull the top flight talent that the NFL did because most talented athletes from college went into the NFl. Also, even though the USFL played in the Spring, it had trouble generating interest. It was going to have to take away viewership from basketball, baseball, and hockey. The USFL finally folded because of no TV contract, a very ugly lawsuit(s) with the NFL, and a loss of $163 million between 1983 to 1985.

The ABL folded for many of the same reasons. The ABL was created right around the same time the WNBA was being formed. This meant the ABL was going to have to compete for top-level talent. They were also going to have to fight of TV time and media coverage in general. Interest for the league was going to have to be generated somehow and the ABL had to fight for little bit. In the end, the WNBA prevailed over the ABL because WNBA’s financial backing from the NBA compared to the owner’s limited budget of money. The league ultimately folded because of a $25 million dollar debt.

The National Women’s Soccer League can learn some things from these leagues in order to stay afloat. NWSL needs to generate interest for the league. Interest for soccer in the United States can be a struggle. It’s going to have to sign a TV deal so sponsorships start to flow in. Also, it’s going to have to market through promotions. The most important thing the NWSL can learn the USFL and the ABL is to have their finances in order. Players won’t play for free and sponsors won’t sponsor unless there is interest. One thing that they did learn from the past was letting their soccer players play for other leagues for more exposure and appeal. A key difference between the WNBA and ABA is that the WNBA let their players participate in other leagues. One benefit that has occurred from this action are national teams have pitching in for their players salaries to help relieve some of the financial burden on the teams itself. The teams also play in stadia appropriate for the size of their fan bases instead of playing in the nfl sized stadiums in order to pay less rental fees for games. With these adjustments from the past and smart budgeting, the National Women’s League has a real shot of developing into a economically sustainable league.

Kalen Dear

Opie Wilson

Video clips about the ABL and the USFL



Pedersen, P., Parks, J., Quarterman, J., & Thirbault, L. (2011). Contemporary sport management (4th ed.). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. Chapter 12



DI coaching contract

Monday, April 7th, 2014



As an Athletic Director for a Division I school, I am here to set up games and tournaments for sports teams. I havefull responsibility for every sports team both men and women. Another part of my job is to help write coaching contracts which are made to define the coaches’ job and what they will be doing at the university. The coach is agreeing with the terms of the contract and will be making a commitment. The coach will follow the university’s policies about athletics and academics, they will know that athletes are students first.I take these contracts serious where  student athletes are in a safe environment and coaches are not abusing their power.


The news and media has shown coaches who were trusted and paid bya school, then abuses student athletes verbally, physically, and sexually. I am making sure that does not happen to anyone in my school. I will be setting up a contract for a head coach position for the women’s basketball team. Many coaches will be applying, the school will be looking for experience and back round checks. The salary of the job will be on the contract and may vary due to the basketball season. if our team gets into the national tournament and wins a championship, they might get a raise. All I want is the coach and their staff is to respect the contract and the school that hired them. If they do not, their contract will be terminated and would be removed from the university.

Real Madrid website and how it works and compares

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

After logging in to the Real Madrid team official website I poked around a bit to find what types of services and information they could present to the viewer. The first thing I noticed was the menu bar which lets you expand links to their football (soccer) and basketball areas. Both menus feature a history, current squad, news, video gallery, and photo gallery for viewing pleasure. The members and fan zone tabs require a log in process to view some of the features. The fan zone tab seemed to be focused most on selling tickets and how one can purchase single game or season passes. Above the menu tabs, there are smaller links going to Real Madrid’s charity foundation, more information, and of course another buy tickets tab. Above that, a few of the teams major sponsors (Adidas, Emirates, and bwin) are featured. Scrolling down the page leads through recent news and a prominently displayed achievement section with all the awards both football and basketball teams have won over the lifespan of the club. All the way at the bottom there is a link to the official social media websites.

This site is definitely designed for an individual like me who is slightly unfamiliar with their club. There is a great amount of information available to educate people like me in a way that makes me interested in possibly becoming a fan. On the opposite side, there is a recent news and player feature that only real fans would know about currently. The website does a great job of pleasing both educated and uneducated Real Madrid inquiries.

The site is very well organized and likes to show off how excellent their teams are.  Their primary focus is promoting their football (American soccer) and their basketball teams.  Each team has dedicated both a photo and video gallery:

Football video galley:

Football photo gallery:

Basketball video gallery:

Basketball photo gallery:

The team has so much unity and respect for one another.  Recently acquired player Gareth Bale made some comments about his coach (Ancelotti) and one if his teammates (Ronaldo):

            He has helped me a lot. As a coach he has given us the idea of trusting our chances and    having faith in our potential and that has helped us to keep improving in the areas we’re working on. Cristiano Ronaldo is simply the best player in the world, he is completely extraordinary and it really helps me being part of a strikeforce that includes him

I assume this site allows for two way interaction if you are a member and log in. the social media links allow two way interaction offsite but still provide fan and company interaction.

After reviewing the MLB website the similarities between this website and Real Madrid’s are numerous. Both feature a login portion for extra fan action while showing a newsfeed tab and tickets link prominently. I only found two major differences. One is that MLB has a shop link to buy official merchandise, which Real Madrid does not have. The second is Real Madrid’s side has a better education feature for individuals who may not be avid fans.

Noah Dillon and Matthew Clark

Who likes stinky, old bathrooms??? NO ONE!!

Thursday, November 21st, 2013


The Minnesota Vikings are currently working on building a new stadium for their team. From this video you can tell that there are a lot of mixed feelings on if this is really a great idea. One half of the tax payers think it is a stupid idea for them to have to pay for it out of their own pocket, while the other half most of the Viking’s fans, believe it is a good idea. It would be the third top highest funding project in the state of Minnesota.

There will be one day of taxing cigarettes on shelfs and warehouses and another tax on out of state profits in the state of Minnesota. Many of the tax payers completely hate the idea of this. But in all reality the tax payers taking the biggest hit are smokers, which to be honest don’t buy cigarettes that day then.

With a new stadium it can bring in more profit. Many people spend a lot of time and money on sport tourism. Traveling across the country or even world spectating games or even just touring some of the biggest stadium or arenas. I know for a fact that if I was completely loaded with money I would want to travel across country to watch games and visit the biggest stadiums. This plan overall can be very beneficial and boosts local business revenue overall. 

Another video is posted bringing more information about the actual financial part of the funding.

Video 2

New Vikings Stadium

New Vikings Stadium

Old Minnesota Vikings Stadium

Old Minnesota Vikings Stadium

LPGA harnesses social media’s benefits

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Before social media exploded into what it is now, (not that long ago) organizations of all kinds would hold expensive social events. This was the case for the LPGA. In order to bring more social attention, they utilized new social media sites. Twitter becametheir main avenue through the social media stream. Not only was holding Twitter events significantly cheaper, but it addressed a broader audience.

Twitter was not the end of it though. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Foursquare were great mediums of communication for the LPGA as well. These sits greatly promoted fan involvement by using social contests with prizes,

Fans were instructed to post pictures to their Instagram accounts and use the hashtag #LPGASeeWhywhere the best one will win a prize.

Thanks to social media sites, a tidal wave of public opinion and interest hit the LPGA tour and they don’t plan to stop there.

Their “social event of the season” was the icing on the cake for LPGA’s emphasis on innovative social media practices this year. If you recall, they were the first league to put player’s Twitter handle on their caddies bibs in June during the Wegmans LPGA Championship.

Now most of the golfers in the LPGA have Twitter accounts that are easily accessed.

Their goal is to spark interest in the the majors and have them take the Twitter route as well. Perhaps they could have contests between organizations to hype fans into participation. This could improve awareness and interest to the mainstream media.






New Media for a New Arena

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

New Media is on the rise, the internet is now more accessible and available and many companies and organizations are eager to reach a broader public through social media participation. This channel of communication allows for quicker diffusion of information between fans and organizations. It also allows for fans to create there own content with pictures and videos. Nearly all leagues and teams in all sorts of sports are already participating in social media. So much so that even sports journalists cannot be credible without a twitter account. Since the internet is not limited to local markets marketing through these sites is essential for any business in the sports market.

New media has become commonplace in many homes and offices but not so much in the arena setting. New part owner of the Sacramento kings Andrew Miller has plans to change that. the former Apple executive in charge of the Iad department is now head of the technology committee for the Sacramento Kings arena set to open in 2016.  Miller plans on upgrading the wifi in the arena and possibly implementing hands free tablets in the back of seats where fans can post on the jumbo tron, search stats, and order food from their seats. The folling link provides an interview with andrew miller.

Kings New Arena


Miami Heat- Larry Loves Miami @MiamiHeat

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Advertising on social media sites like twitter and Instagram, are new ways advertisers are reaching out to fan bases. I myself follow the Miami Heat on Instagram and Twitter they post pictures and activities all the time on them. One example of advertising was after the Heat had won their second title in 2 years they did Larry loves Miami for the Larry O’Brien trophy. This was where Heat fans could come out and feel like they were move involved with the team, and when they feel more involved with the team they are more likely to buy tickets and other merchandise. Especially when these events are taking place at the arena, or Heat Stores


The Miami Heat on Instagram post pictures of the games what days the games are. This is good because we are a social media society now a days, and when we are on social media all the time it is good to post things that will keep the fan base in-tune. The Heat Instagram post pictures of Jerseys that are limited edition, and they hide them on the Heat store website. So it is like a scavenger hunt to find these limited jerseys on there before they are all out. The last example that i have is for some games they post a picture of the item of the game that you can buy from their Heat store.

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 7.21.29 AM

Overall I think that they are doing a good job of adverting and putting the team out there for their fans. The social media advertising is a good thing because it reaches out to the fan base around the world and kind of gives them a sense of feeling that they are a local fan. With the product advertisement i think it is really good because die-hard heat fans are going to want those limited jerseys or items of the game. The one thing that i would have to suggest for them that they should do a section on where they follow a Heat player through their whole day and post videos and pictures of this. I believe that it would really give fans the feelings of involvement in the players lives, and a look through the organization. Other than that it is a good job of advertisement, and i have even been tempted to buy things because i have seen them on these social media sites

.Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 7.23.10 AM


Pictures From (@MiamiHeat Instagram)-