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New Media=better Baseball Fans

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Aw yes, what is more American than baseball? America has an infatuation with baseball.   Major League Baseball fans inarguably love their sport of baseball. In fact, they love the sport so much so, that they accessed

“1.2 million live audio and video streams of the first available Spring Training games this past weekend”

which occurred back in February of this year. According the article MLB fans getting their fix early as At Bat downloads spike, this activity

“represented an increase of 53% from last year’s opening weekend of games.”


 That is quite an increase over just year’s time. So how was this increase accomplished? Perhaps the At Bat application has something to do with it.


The At Bat app, allows users to view each and every game (for a price of course), as well as listen to live audio, get the latest news, schedules for the 2014 season, and expert analysis (


This app is irreplaceable for those of us with an insatiable MLB appetite. Rather than having to wait until you get to a computer to look up news or rushing home to catch the game, users of this app have the games and news in the palm of their hand. They can catch the games on the go without a problem, which is obviously a plus for the fans, as well as the MLB.

With this app, it looks as though the MLB has accomplished a goal of making games, news, etc. available to fans anywhere, at anytime. In addition to this app, the MLB also makes the latest information available by using other forms of non-traditional media like Twitter and Facebook. However, as the title implies, MLB fans may just get their best fix by using the At Bat app. This app, in addition to countless other apps, are examples of how sport organizations are now using more non-traditional forms of media for communication purposes. These newer forms of communication are  very convenient, fast, and user friendly.

This development of sports organizations using non-traditional forms of media to make information more available to their target audiences, will only continue in the future as technology becomes more advanced.

Watch Beyonce while on the toilet? OK!

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

You really have to go but don’t want to miss a second of the action in the super bowl, what do you do? CBS made it easier than ever to make sure that you would get the ultimate Super Bowl experience no matter where you watched the game. They decided to go viral by putting a live stream of the game, commercials, and half time show onto This means that through your laptop, tablet, or mobile device you can watch the game and more.

We have developed a deeply integrated second-screen environment that perfectly complements the television broadcast of the game, from the pre-game show to the presentation of the Lombardi Trophy.

Along with the live stream, they’ve made the experience different by adding features that the typical television viewer would not have access to. In this package included four different camera angles so the viewer could see the game from the typical full-field 50 yard line, or switch up to be able to evaluate the game as a coach and break down formations.  Not only were additional camera angles offered but viewers could go directly to their social media with the hash tag #CBSSuperBowl, where viewers could talk amongst one another about the ads that were just seen!

The biggest part of this stream was the amount of new viewers it brought in, even if all of them weren’t in it for the game. live stream of the matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens attracted three million unique viewers to the Super Bowl XLVII video player, up 43 percent from Super Bowl XLVI.

With that statistic came others, viewers generated nearly 10 million live video streams, up more than 100 percent from 2012, resulting in a record 114.4 million minutes streamed, which was up 46 percent over 2012’s game.

The stream not only set records but it made a new avenue of media possible that can be carried out by other networks as well. With this experiment of CBS having become a hit, networks of this years Super Bowl are already planning streams of the game and half time show. Through a Facebook profile, three or more streams are already being advertised about for the 2014 Super Bowl.

New media avenues is the biggest hit of information streaming and advertising. If organizations can find multiple ways of getting themselves out there, I feel they will without a doubt find more success in whatever endeavor they are trying to achieve. CBS started the revolution for big sporting events and advertising, I can’t wait to see what else companies will come up with.




Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Here is video describing what exactly SportStream is and all the cool features. I mean who would’t want a hot babe delivering cheeseburgers and beer to you while watching the game?? It’s complete perfection. Just kidding none of those awesome features are added sadly.

When watching professional games on television either NFL, NBA or even NHL it is very important now to keep updated with what is going on in the social media world. Well Bob Morgan now CEO of SportStream came up with a brilliant idea for all you sport fanatics. He developed a website based off of most major social media sites, Twitter and Facebook, that brings all important sporting news together in one place. This means you can simply go to one spot and find all the important information regarding the current sport issues or evens. No more searching or using a hashtag to try and figure out what play you just missed.

 Distribution. This is one of the key factors in SportStream’s growth potential. While Morgan pointed out the strong user engagement numbers and advertising potential with their own applications, SportStream’s greatest growth opportunity comes from increasing adoption from more teams, organizations, and networks to utilize and customize SportStream’s robust platform.

This is Bob Morgan’s main goal to try and spread the word about this great application or download that is available. It makes it so much easier on sport fans to go to one place and be able to keep up to date will the latest information and also able to chat, comment, or tweet with other friends. This is a fantastic idea. It is such a pain to have to take the time to switch from Facebook to Twitter constantly while trying to watch a game to try and figure out if a player’s injury is severe, what other teams won and other important information on the games. It isn’t very popular right now but I have a feeling once its out it will become one of the most popular sport social media sites.

To be or not to be forever alone??

Monday, November 11th, 2013

With time, the ways in which people and businesses use to communicate will change; becoming more advanced as well as technological.  Back in the day or even now, traditional form of sport communication was used; this being source such as newspapers, sport magazines, and sport books. This is still used today, but new forms of sport communication is emerging becoming the nontraditional form the communicate. These forms consist of mostly internet based, such as Web sites and social networking Web sites (e.g. twitter, Facebook, etc). With new types of technology coming out in the market, nontraditional communication is the way to reach people.

As nontraditional forms of sport communication come on an arise, sport organizations find ways to keep up and to reach people. An example of a sport organization using nontraditional sport communication is AEG, Sports and Entertainment giant, using an AXS invite service via Facebook or email. This service is a great way to sell tickets and save a spot for friends to buy their tickets. The service allows one to buy their ticket, while at the same time allowing that person to invite a friend or two or even more to buy their ticket; saving them a ticket to buy it before someone else does. Using Facebook to have people make their purchase of ticket is a good tactic because people are always checking the accounts and looking at updates of the new. It also tries to avoid the chance for someone to go to a game alone and being–forever alone (joking, but seriously it is better to watch the game with a friend than alone). It targets the influences of people; as people are more likely influenced by friends.

AEG is hoping to achieve an increase in ticket sales in events; this bringing in more revenue. If one’s invitee does not buy the ticket within the two days that the invitation was sent, the ticket will go back into the market for someone else to buy. This achieves in trying to sell all tickets to that event. Also for people to be influenced by their friends to buy tickets and join them to the event so that they can enjoy the event.

In order to achieve more of ticket sales, AEG could create an App for their AXS invite service. People like new apps and this could create another way to let people know of events available and more quickly invite friends and purchase tickets maybe a bit more faster. It can also let people know when it has been two days so that they can purchase the ticket. Also showing when more tickets are available through Twitter. AEG can post when more tickets are available and when tickets are in a low for an event so that people can know when to purchase their tickets and invite friends through the AXS invite service. There is a number of new ideas that the AXS invite service can use nontraditional forms to communicate sport media.

Social Media and Sports

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Game Changer