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The WNBA’s Media Rights Deal with ESPN

Monday, April 28th, 2014

The WNBA has recently (2013) signed a new deal with ESPN and ABC for coverage of their games through the year 2022. This is through the WNBA’s 25th anniversary. The WNBA will make $12 million each year with $1 million being given to each team.  There was a drop off in viewer of WNBA games in 2012 and it was thought that the WNBA would be on the decline.  The WNBA had a previous contract with ESPN through the 2015-2016 which was signed in 2007.  I couldn’t find much about the WNBA’s media deals previous to 2007. I believe that this is in part happening so that the WNBA can stay afloat this deal is really helping them out economically. This new contract takes the place of the old one.  This new contract has also added two games that will be covered: a Memorial Day double-header, which is meant to be like the Christmas double-header for the NBA.  Last season, number of viewers went up significantly.  The WNBA’s Memorial Day games were viewed the most because it was a coming out party of sorts for Elena Delle Donne, Skylar Diggins, and Brittney Griner, three prominent NCAA stars that were rookies last season.  It is believed by ESPN that the WNBA is a good investment because they attract loyal fans every year, it is part of their expansion in covering women’s sports, and the WNBA attracts more viewers than the MLS does.  It is also interesting to note that this deal caused the WNBA to revamp itself, with a new logo and a new deal with Adidas (new uniform style) riding the coattails of this deal with ESPN.  Another interesting fact is that 66% of the viewers of the WNBA are male, and half of the viewers are African American.  I think that in order for the WNBA to gain more viewers, they need to appeal to women more.  I don’t know how they would go about that but I think that if they appeal to their own gender more it will increase viewership numbers.  Maybe that will happen with time as well, since more and more girls are playing basketball.   Hopefully one day the WNBA will be more popular than it is and that it won’t be just a memory of a league that once was.

History of the WNBA television rights

Monday, April 28th, 2014

The WNBA currently has TV rights with ESPN. I believe that it is escalating because just recently I was able to watch the WNBA Draft just a couple a weeks ago. According  to ESPN W, last year was the first time ESPN had shown the draft in prime time television.  This is definitely a sign of progress. The league recently signed a new agreement that allows up to 30 live games to be televised each season on ABC, ESPN, ESPN2 and WatchESPN, including coverage of the playoffs, draft and All-Star Game. 30 games is not much, but it is better than nothing. Right now, the WNBA is the only female professional league that is being televised and they should not take that for granted. Some exposure is better than nothing. According to sports business daily, the deal is worth $12M per year, which amounts to about $1M per WNBA team, and runs through the ’22 season.

ESPN has always had a contract with the WNBA since 1997, but it was through the NBA. The viewing numbers are not as high as the NBA, but they are better compared to other professional sports that ESPN covers. According to sports business daily, the WNBA Finals averaged more viewers on ESPN2 than IndyCar did on NBCSN and the U.S. Open Series tennis events did on ESPN2.  This is great for the WNBA because these numbers are steering away from the stereotypical answer of “nobody watches or they don’t draw crowds”. With the opportunity given to the WNBA from ESPN, the numbers are increasing and are showing that this sport can draw viewers! ESPN must believe or at least have faith in the league because of the recent agreements to a new contract that is extending their deal.

I think that the contract has extended because of the hype around certain female basketball stars. The stars such as Britney Griner and Skylar Diggins, because they had such a fantastic college career and people would follow them into their professional career. The star group does not end there. This year, the WNBA will be getting more talented stars that people will want to follow. For example, Shoni Schimmel, she will bring a spark to the professional game just like she did while at Louisville. A lot of people will follow her not only because of the upset she had over Britney Griner last year, but because she will draw the native american crowd. The Atlanta Dream is already planning on hosting a Native American night May 30th in order to draw the bigger crowds, knowing that the native american community will follow Shoni Schimmel.  Also according to her twitter page, her first week of having her professional jersey up for sale online, the jersey sold out in a matter of a couple of days. So with fans excited about Shoni going to the WNBA, I see this year’s viewing numbers increasing!

I only see good things happening for the WNBA. I see the talent getting better and better. It is only a matter of time before the games start getting shown more often because soon more people will demand to see the games.

The MLB’s TV Growth

Monday, April 28th, 2014

The MLB’s most recent contract with ESPN, FOX, TBS, and the MLB Network, taking effect this year, mark a more than 100% increase in profits over the previous contract. Annual payouts to the league jumped from $712 million to $1.5 Billion, a $788 million bump.
Across the networks, more games and special events are now scheduled than ever before. Upon reaching the deal, Commissioner Allan Selig said, “The game has never been more popular… to see the unprecedented and historic commitment these networks have made to televising Major League Baseball for years to come is truly amazing.”

This deal only emphasizes the ever increasing value of TV rights in the MLB. In 1947, Gillette received exclusive rights to broadcast the World Series for $65,000 on TV, while paying out $175,000 for radio broadcast rights. By 1949, TV rights had overtaken radio rights $200,000 to $175,000. In the 1957 season, a 5-year contract agreed to pay $3 million a season to the MLB. The 1984 season marked the first $100+ million season, and by the 50th anniversary of MLB TV broadcasting, contracts agreed to over $500 million a year.

With this near exponential growth in TV right money, one must wonder where it can possibly stop? Many sports fans have already started to take note of the decline in baseball’s popularity as the NFL continues to dominate the US market in sports viewership. However, Major League Baseball is the most popular sport through its regular season, resting almost entirely between the NHL and NBA playoffs and the beginning of the NFL’s regular season. As we saw with the failures of the USFL and ABL, any new league attempting to rise up to overtake TV time of deep-seeded leagues are fighting an uphill battle, and without any major competition through the thick of it’s season, baseball will continue to pull audiences worthy of near billion dollar season contracts.

Changes to DI Athletic Policies

Monday, April 7th, 2014

With the recent media attention garnered due to some questionable choices in student-athlete selection, current coaching contracts have undergone a series of changes to incorporate stronger coach involvement in the student aspect of the student-athletes college experience.
Coaching contracts will undergo reform based on the APR graduation rankings. Currently, we are mandated to score a 930 average over the previous 4 years of competitive seasons. Our institution will strive to exceed this mark over larger margins:
Beginning with the 2014-15 season, programs will be required to meet this mark. The first year offense will result in a $500 fine per point below, increasing marginally for 5 years to a total of $1000 per point below, with a maximum fine of $10,000. Fines will be contributed to the general academic scholarship fund.
Teams averaging 940+ will receive an additional $10,000 funding to the programs travel and expense funds, as well as:
$5,000 salary bonus to head coaches, and $1,000 bonus to assistant coaches for scores up to 949
$10,000 salary bonus to head coaches and $2,000 bonus to assistant coaches for scores 950-959
$15,000 salary bonus to head coaches and $3,000 bonus to assistant coaches for scores 960+
In addition, coaches will be expected to raise student-athlete standards in the classroom. GPA requirements will be raised from the current 2.0 to 2.5, class attendance mandatory, and implemented weekly study halls.
The goal of this contract incentive is to exceed all NCAA academic minimums and encourage classroom success hand-in-hand with athletic success.

Academic incentives and regulations changes in the University of Florida’s athletic department

Sunday, April 6th, 2014

As Florida’s athletic director at Gainesville, our goal is to ensure our athletes achieve the level of success academically to their athletic achievement. This will entail stipulations and regulations in our coaches’ contracts to provide more academic incentives for continued success of our student athletes after their sport career ends. We will be changing the language of all our coaches contracts to bridge the big gap between athletic and academic incentives. Although 66% and 75% of basketball and football contracts include incentives for academic performance, athletics incentives far outweigh the rewards of academic performance. Currently, the ratio is 11 to 1 where athletics incentives averaged 600,000 dollars per coach compared to 52,000 dollars for academic success. Ideally, the ratio would 1:1. However, to remain competitive to retain our excellent coaches, we can’t dramatically decreased their athletic incentives and expect them not to leave. Our main goal at our university will break the way for other universities to follow and change the ratio to 6 to 1. The following changing to our stipulations and regulations concerning academic performance is listed below.

  • Must maintain team 2.5 grade point average. Contract will be terminated with coach if lower
  • Team 3.0 grade point average- $1,000
  • Team 3.25 grade point average- $2,500
  • Team 3.50 grade point average- $10,000
  • Team 3.75 grade point average- $20,000
  • Team 4.0 grade point average- $50,000

Bonuses will also be paid for the percentage of student-athletes whose annual cumulative grade point average increased over a period of time.

  • .05 increase in grade point average- $500
  • .10 increase in grade point average- $1000
  • .20 increase in grade point average- $2000
  • .50 increase in grade point average- $4000
  • 1.0 increase in grade point average- $6000
  • In addition, improvement in academic progress rates will also result in rewards. However, these bonuses will be determined by the university and will flex program to program. These changes in the contracts correlate with our goal ratio of 6 to 1. We hope to set a high bar for other universities and colleges to follow to accomplish our fundamental goal of helping student athletes academically succeed that will lead them to a fulfilling and happy career.

NCAA’s goal for student athletes

how not to improve student athlete academics


Kalen Dear

OP Wilson


Real Madrid & NFL

Friday, March 14th, 2014

When scrolling through the Real Madrid website I found that it offers insite to both soccer fans as well as basketball fans. The first thing you will notice upon entering their website is a list of different videos that are offered for both basketball and basketball. As you open the menu button you will find different links regarding their website. What stuck out to me was the link titled “fan zone.” It allows you to as a fan to view recent news regarding the team, new videos uploaded and photos of the players during games and off the field pictures so you can stay up to date with what each of them are doing. It also has a shop that you can buy clothing for of the team to represent your favorite players from the sport.

The basketball link offers the same thing, a link to recent news and a photo and video gallery of updated pictures so you can stay in the loop with your team and their daily lives.

the website is very informative for any person, whether you are a fan or not. it allows easy access to the history of the sports, clothing, and news about the teams.

this link shows the highlights of Real Madrids soccer team, allowing fans to insight on Christiano Ronaldo career thus far with Real Madrid. This website allows you to view each player and see highlights and news regarding them.

from what I found, Real Madrid only uses a one way model.

comparison of two sports: offers you access to each one of your favorite teams and news about recent changes that have occurred in the organizations. It allows you to stay up to date about trades, potential draft picks, and an updated roster for each of the 32 teams. On the home page it offers you the 2014 schedule and videos regarding all the news presented by sportscenter.

It also allows you to shop, not just for one team but for all 32 teams, and offers you different styles of clothing, authentic jerseys with players names, for their most recent team. So that you can support your favorite player regardless of the team he is on.

It also gives a link of the history of each team, allowing you to go further in to depth and gain further knowledge on your favorite football team.

this is a news feed regarding the recent trade of Eric Decker to the jets. It shows highlights of his career with the Broncos and shows what he will bring to the jets offense.

Through social media, each individual can find exactly what they are looking for regarding their favorite organization. It is another way to stay up to date on games, and news regarding teams. it also allows for a good sales tactic by offering brand clothing, if you are not located in the state or country who sells the specific brand of team you are looking for, these sites offer you easy access when it comes to purchasing different team labels.

NFL offers a two way model using forums, fantasy football, and emails you can send to the team page. You can also use Facebook, and twitter to  tag someone and state your request or observation.

11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs

Monday, January 6th, 2014

11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs [Infographic]

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Work your way up

Friday, December 6th, 2013


Lynne Andrews, FLC Associate Athletic Director, shared briefly but in depth detail of her career path from her first job to her present career on Wednesday morning. With each job that Lynne worked in, it added experience and new skills to her work ethic. She has a real passion for what she does and enjoys the career place she is at presently; this is the kind of passion I want to have in my career. She gives full effort for every task, even the small ones, so that it is given well and presented well. Lynne shared with us a quote that goes “Love what you do and feel that it matters” and she has really put meaning into this quote by sharing with us the dedication she has in her work. Lynne is inspirational and has encouraged me to keep working at my dream of my career goal and to become passionate about it.

She shared with us some tips to be able to reach a high career position including such as building onto your career path meaning enjoy each job and take each opportunity of experience when it is presented; take ownership of your job by taking pride in what you are doing and make each detail count; make yourself visible, such as have good networking so that people know who you are, acknowledging people, and do the small things.

Taking these tips into implementation for my own career path may help me become successful and passionate for what I will do. I aspire to be a fitness trainer and a physical therapist. I can begin with making myself known and putting myself out there so that I build onto my networking and have myself known. This important for me to begin with because I am a shy person and it can be hard for me to put myself out there at times. With each job that I will do, I will take pride because it will be something that I will enjoy and make each detail count to that I can present myself will and show that I have a good work ethic. I hope to become successful and these tips can help me begin with that.

Thank you Lynne Andrews for sharing with us; you are really inspirational!

Let Your Career Guide You

Friday, December 6th, 2013


I want everything to be taken care of so my coaching staff does not have to worry when it is gametime

Lynne Andrew came into the room to give us some guidelines on what it is like to be in her footsteps and how she got to where she is at today, Associate Athletic Director of Fort Lewis College. She gave some pretty good insight on what it means to have strong work ethics and how to maintain a strong bond of connections with people who make an impact on your life, especially on your career. Usually one would consider that as an Associate Athletic Director your job would be to sit at a desk all day; but Lynne is always running around and her first priorities are to the student athletes. She is so passionate about her job and what she does that she would not give it up. She can discuss that when the following Tuesday rolls around the triple header day they accomplished was all worth it, cleaning the snow off the soccer fields, getting the bleachers out for spectators to sit on and even having workers available to help at the gate.

Listening to her talk about how her career has led her to where she is at today, was amazing. Lynne stated that

Everywhere I went, was a career decision.

She has this mindset that what she sets for herself she accomplishes career wise. She started off playing basketball at the Collegiate level, which led to her climbing the ladder of becoming an assistant coach at the collegiate level, and then leading to what she wanted in her life, a head coach and now as an Associate Athletic Director. She encouraged us that throughout her career she had someone to help her along the ropes and to give her guidance or refer her for the next opportunity in her career. She deserves all the credit and appreciation to help put up an event.

I took for granted going to a game, but now I know who to thank when I’m sitting on the bleachers cheering on our SkyHawks.

Profession Aspirations

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

If there is was one thing that I was able to take from Lynn Andrews’ speech and visit, is that hard work and dedication in what you love to do you absolutely can be successful. Andrews’ herself showed us that those commitments and devotion, you reap rewarding consequences. Applying the concepts that she emphasized towards the profession I would like to work in would be the following.

My career aspirations, I would like to become a registered Dietitian or Nutritionists, along with Personal training. These professions require discipline and good work ethic along with understanding of the clients. In doing so, these professions require dedication and the importance of all, to enjoy and love the profession I’ll be working in. Andrews emphasized certain characterizations to become successful.

First way  I would be working toward achieving those personal goals is to have dedication. Dedication in the work I’m doing and making effort to working hard to achieve certifications and degrees to get to the professions I’m wanting to do.

Second would be to honor the commitments i choose to do and by doing so having good work ethic.

Third would be of course the one thing i took from this visit as high importance is to “Enjoy what you do”.

Enjoyment of what a person does I think gives purpose and drive to that individual and I feel that having that emphasizes work ethic, dedication, and honoring commitments. Andrews speech was overall inspiring. To have someone enjoy her profession like she does gives great insight for all others that would like to work in the Exercise Science Department.