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The Portland Trailblazers on Instagram Straight Flexin’

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Portland, Oregon is taking it to the next level with social media. The professional basketball team introduced an ‘Instagram Night’ which encouraged fans to take part in an Instagram competition. The only requirements were to upload a photo or video and use the specific hashtag for the competition. The Trailblazers displayed the photos in the arena, on their website, and on TV. One instagramer will win a pair of tickets to another Trailblazer game.



Along with the Portland Trailblazers many business and other teams use Instagram for marketing.

New to Instagram and looking to follow some athletes?

From Tony Hawk to Kevin Love, its the new fab. For those of you living under a rock, Instagram is a online photo/video sharing social networking service that allows users to upload their pictures and videos, apply a filter and share them. Instagram is a similar social networking service to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. It is a free App that can be downloaded in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


Tips from Mike Tyson. Listen to the man.

Aside from the jokes, Instagram provides a new and unique marketing technique that brands have been quick to pick up on. The article below shows 20 brands that have “mastered” the art (or use) of Instagram.

Out of the 20 companies they mentioned there were a handful of sport organizations such as:

The NFL,  The Brooklyn Nets, LA Clippers, Adidas, and Red bull.

As fellow Instagramers, we feel more aware of what is going on in the sport media world from this App. It provides a simple way for people to follow their favorite athletes, organizations, and/or teams on the daily.

Peace and Blessings,

Al and Ab


Compete like the U.S. Ski Team or Against it?

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Within the last year or so, Vail Resorts has come out with the third generation of its mobile and web-based ski and snowboard application called Epic Mix.  This application for phones will provide skiers with a way to follow ski racing at six of the seven resorts across California and Colorado.  With a hope of achieving a large use of this application, Rob Katz, the Vail Resorts chairman and chief executive officer says:

We created EpicMix to bring together the digital and physical experience of skiing and riding and make it easy to share your story with friends and family.

With this product, racers will be able to automatically compare their race times with U.S. Ski Team athlete Lindsey Vonn, with gold, silver and bronze medals that can then be posted on the users twitter or facebook.  Katz says:

Working with World Champion ski racer Lindsey Vonn, we have completely redesigned how skiers can fully utilize the latest digital technology to compare themselves against the very best, seamlessly track and share all of their accomplishments and compete against racers from six world-class resorts.

By skiers and ski racers using this application, they are able to feel connected to the infamous Lindsey Vonn by comparing times and receiving medals.  By Lindsey Vonn not only being looked at as a role model that skiers and ski racers can connect to, she help design the application knowing what type of things young racers like to connect to.  Lindsey Vonn says:

Growing up racing, I always looked forward to telling the stories of my races and being able to track my progress and see how my friends were doing. The opportunity to make that happen using the latest technology in social media is absolutely the right next step for ski racing and I was thrilled to be able to work with Vail Resorts to make this happen.

Ways in which that this product could be made better is advertising it during World Cup Races, or advertisements on the Vail Resorts twitter and facebook pages.  More skiers, ski racers, and skiers of the Vail Resorts area will have a higher opportunity to being exposed to EpicMix and the product could therefor make more money.

MLB and MTV??

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Although television is not considered a new form of media or technology by any means, reality shows on channels such as E!, MTV, and Bravo have grown more popular in recent years. However, I think we’ve all had enough of the Kardashians. Celebrities and wanna-be stars are becoming more and more over the top as they show the world glimpse into their “fab” lifestyles of excess.


Perhaps this is why reality television shows are turning to athletes to continue gaining viewers. Athletes including Ryan Lochte, Lamar Odom, Kris Humphries, Apolo Anton Ohno, and many other athletes and Olympians have appeared on or starred in their own reality shows, increasing their popularity or infamy, in some cases. Perhaps shows that feature purely athletes and teams (Two-A-Days, Venus and Serena) have given Major League Baseball an idea to join the trend.


According to Business Insider and Associated Press, Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz is collaborating with Pittsburgh Pirates player Andrew McCutchen to produce a reality TV show on MTV. The show hopes to “meld pop culture and baseball” throughout a 30-episode series. Tim Brosnan, executive MLB vice president stated the show’s main goal was to “promote the game and its players with a young generation” which should reach out to target populations, increase the fan-base, and increase interest in baseball. Brosnan went on to state “Like any other business, cultivating new fans and customers is, was and always will be an imperative for baseball.”

The show has not yet been named, but generating “hype” about the show via twitter, vine, facebook, etc. would aid in its success and achievement of its goals. Vine is a new form of media that continues to gain popularity. Perhaps the show’s producers could begin creating vines to help advertise the show, or create an iPhone app to host fan’s predictions/opinions/etc.

Note: This post is NOT saying TV is the new media. The success and fame of reality TV star athletes/Olympians  (NOT TV itself) is the outlet and new form of media to gain fans and draw attention to a specific athlete or team.

Social media truck

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013



The article contains on how the Seattle Seahawks are using social media to reach to their fans and potential ones too. Many sport organizations are using old media and new media to advertise their professional teams.

I felt that the Seahawks are using new media to promote their team and also using an automobile to help spread their advertising. I’ve seen billboards on wheels, but the Seahawks are upping that concept and using social media. The Seahawks are also using Twitter feed from #thevoiceofthe12man and #GoHawks on their digital billboards on wheels. To also include, the Seahawks are also using Instagram to advertise.

In looking up the Seattle Seahawks social media campaign, the results that I came up with a Bing search engine.

So in looking at the various websites that promote the Seahawks; I saw some links that showed the team’s interaction with the city of Seattle, the teams 12 day celebration, and the advertisement of Seattle Seahawks mobile app. So with the introduction of the digital billboard on wheel, I feel that many other NFL football teams will follow suit or think of something bigger than the Seattle Seahawks concept. So even as an avid Seattle Seahawks fan; I got their app on my IPhone so that I can follow up on the team’s transaction, who is injured or just browsing the stats on various players. So in the concept of things, I think that advertising a product nowadays require the use of new media to reach to all consumers.

The Vine will grow

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

The video above contains ten examples of vine videos. The tactic of the application is the availability of taking short videos and  uploading them to twitter just like a picture. The hope for this is to make an easier way to share videos that can be used to create GIFS, which are a hit right now, a teaser tool for games or events, a new media outlet, a way to improve public relations, etcetera. This is pretty top notch and new as far as ways of communication. It helps significantly that twitter owns the application and twitter is already such a huge social media website, this will help the Vine boom! I love that the video continuously loops, this makes it exceptionally good for funny videos such as player mistakes (not that we should laugh!!). It also can provide so much more information than a still picture. Hopefully teams will start to use the Vine for all sorts of different events: before games, during games and halftimes, after games, highlights, opposing teams’ faults, injuries, broken records, the possibilities could go on.



SOCHI…setting the standards high for environmental impact

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Sochi has a chance at creating one of the most sustainable Olympic Events in history and I think it is achievable.  If Sochi is able to achieve the amazing feat of creating sustainable Olympic and Paralympic games it may just show the rest of the world that sustainability is possible, especially because these games draw huge crowds of people from all over the world.  The six main areas that Sochi has decided to focus their efforts of sustainability are: Healthy Living, Barrier-free World, Modern technologies, In Harmony with nature, Economic prosperity and Culture and national values.  The area that concerns me most is Harmony with Nature because the Olympic games can cause a strain on many environmental factors, like affecting migration patterns of local wildlife, wasteful water usage by participants and spectators and disruption of local vegetation with heavy traffic from the brief but substantial rise in population.  In a effort to reduce these factors the Sochi committee is working with partners, such as, Coca Cola, Dow and Panasonic to take a proactive approach on environmental issues for the future 2014 games.  The following statement reflects one of the missions of Sochi 2014:

“Mission of the Winter Games of 2014 is to introduce in Sochi a new vision of sustainable development in harmony with nature that will not only spare Sochi environment of harmful impact but also will be instrumental in resolving ecological challenges that have accumulated over many years.”

This statement shows that Sochi is taking the opportunity to not only achieve an amazing ideal, but to rectify some of the pre-existing problems they have found.  The Sochi committee has come up with many great ideas to reduce impact on environment and plans for the time period after the games are over to restore conditions.  This is a statement about the post-games period from the Sochi committee:

“following transformation of Olympic venues disturbed natural properties and complexes shall be rehabilitated, temporary structures dismantled, grass cover restored; technological systems at sports venues and engineering systems shall be adjusted to uninterrupted and efficient performance; all materials and equipments that are not to be used further shall be removed from the Games delivery territory Sochi 2014 development is being exercised simultaneously with the development of Sochi natural protected areas.”

The four key elements that the Sochi committee is addressing, so that the games are in harmony with nature are: zero waste, games with minimal impact on climate, games in harmony with nature and enlightened games.  The zero waste goal is going to be implemented with an infrastructure strategy that targets the waste management currently in place and in place of a rubbish incinerating plant Russia is piloting a new waste-sorting plant.  The committee has also addressed issues that affect pollution of the sea due by building a bypass road with systems designed to collect and clean surface debris.  The zero waste infrastructure is thorough and it is amazing to see a Russia take this opportunity to make changes for a more sustainable future, so the impact is not just temporary for the purpose of the 2014 games.  Under the key element of games with minimal impact on the climate, the Sochi committee has designed action plans to reduce the numbers of air pollution sources as well as the air pollutants emitted and a program to neutralize the balance of carbon dioxide emissions.  The enlightened games element addresses dissemination of knowledge about environmental awareness and responsible behavior.  The following youtube video is from Dow, which is one of the partners working with Sochi to create this sustainable dream:



Sochi Olympics 2014

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013
  • “Among the many ways that sustainability has been defined, the simplest and most fundamental is: “the ability to sustain” or, put another way, “the capacity to endure.” © 2010 SustainAbilityCompany

I believe the plans for a sustainable hallmark event are possible. Having the Olympic Games in the city is a great way to bring in people from all around the world. This is usually a good thing for such a beautiful place. The businesses in the area also thrive around and during this time because of all the people. Hotels and restaurants become flooded and even small businesses as well.

“The Sochi 2014 Sustainability Award <<Gateway to the Future>> for contributions to sustainable positive changes within the staging of the Sochi 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (hereinafter-Games, Award) was created to recognize significant social, environmental, and economic contributions”

Russia has some main objectives for a healthy lifestyle. They are trying to promote it, develop medical support for professional sport, and give security and health to employees and participants in large events. To do this they are pushing to make a healthy lifestyle, physical education and sport more popular, making it more available for the youth to participate, wanting to stage more large scale entertainment of sport, and

“Developing a system of medical services and increasing the quality of medical services provided in the framework of the preparation and staging of the Games.”

Because they are trying to do all of this I see this being one aspect that makes them a good, sustainable place for holding the winter Olympics.

Of course with so many people in the city it will be a challenge to keep it clean. The 2014 Winter Olympics were supposed to be free of waste but sadly that failed. Any amount of recycling and reusing from an event so big can be huge though.

In conclusion, I certainly see a range of struggles that will be faced in preparing these games but I believe it will be made possible.

Sochi Needs Help – Volunteers to the Rescue!

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013


Let us take a moment to understand that any olympics could not have been completed without the help of people volunteering. They volunteer their time, their money and their pride to come together to help the hosting country. People who volunteer are part of the social dimensions under the sustainability and tourism section from the book. Why people volunteer are for a variety of reasons; some just want to volunteer to be a part of the nostalgia sport tourism and be connected to the hallmark sporting event, and belong to a sense of community. In the book it states,

“In recent years, there has been a growing focus on the social benefits of event sport tourism for communities. Many believe that the social benefits are the true legacy of hosting a megaevent.” – Pedersen et. al, 2011.

Since Sochi is hosting the Olympics, Russia wants to take pride in making sure that they provide their volunteers with the top-of-the-line qualities they can benefit from. We are humans, we need to belong; and what better way to feel you belong to a community by becoming a volunteer.

With the Sochi Olympics, they want to select 25,000 from the 180,000 plus applicants who so desperately wanted to become a volunteer. How does one become a volunteer for Sochi, from the website it explains,

 For the first time in the history of the Games, volunteers will be trained not only in the host city, but across the whole country, in 17 cities at 26 volunteer centers…. The organizers of the 2014 Games face the task of giving the volunteers the necessary knowledge and skills within a very tight schedule and of inspiring the volunteers to make the Sochi Olympics the best in history.  Sochi website, 2013.

Sochi is in good sustainability progress by selecting people who want to volunteer, and are worthy.

Russi-ing to the next Olympics…

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

With the next Winter Olympics approaching in less than 100 days and the Paralympics under 120 days, Sochi is excited and ready for their first ever held Winter Olympics…..

Time to get a little excited:

And a view of the beautiful country and the Olympic project progress:


With the responsibility of hosting such a huge event, comes goals and visions that are desirable to obtain in terms of reflecting their country.

The mission of the Sochi 2014 Olympic project is to organize and stage innovative Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, which will express the character of the new Russia and bring sustainable positive changes for the entire country.

According to the Sochi’s Olympic/Paralympics Organizing Committee the “sustainable positive changes” from that quote can be defined as “as the implementation of programs, activities and other efforts aimed at creating long-lasting positive social, economic and environmental benefits with efficient use of resources and state-of-the-art development management technologies.”

The Games Mission consists of nine elements-known as The Russian Diamond. Those include:

  1. Excellence
  2. Efficiency
  3. Integration
  4. Hospitality
  5. Unity
  6. Uniqueness
  7. Respect
  8. Legacy
  9. Harmony

Sochi 2014

But the question stands: Are the strategies that the Sochi organizing committee outlined for a sustainable hallmark event achievable? 

According to Joanna M. Foster from Climate Process, wrote an article expressing her worry about Sochi’s “Zero Waste” program meaning “out of sight.” Villagers have complained about illegal dumping and reports have shown this isn’t the first time Russia has been accused of not living up to its Olympic Sustainability promises.

I believe that it is great to address and discuss all their visions, projects and plans to achieve the goals. But if they are going to be effective with their visions, they must follow The Russian Diamond as well and be honest with themselves as well as the world. Some points need a reasonable, measurable way on determining if things are going to plan. But I support and believe that we are going in the right direction with this upcoming Olympics/Paralympics by establishing an effective use of resources and technologies to successfully conduct a positive social, economic and environmental benefit and still expressing the beautiful culture of the country.

Below is the Sochi 2014 Sustainability Report:

Can Sochi Get it Done?

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

The vision of the Winter 2014 Olympic games held in Sochi, Russia is set high. It states that

 “highly innovative Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, that will express the spirit of modern Russia and bring with them sustainable, positive change for the whole country.”

This is a big promise to fulfill while preparing for Olympic games. However, with the research done and information given, it seems to me that Sochi will be able to deliver on their promises.

This video shows a man speaking on behalf of an organizing committee for the 2014 games. He stresses that the most important thing is to build things that are environmentally friendly while still getting the job done. . Along with building green, some other sustainable features they plan to achieve are healthy lifestyles, modern technologies, economic prosperity and sustainable development management systems.

If you look at the website, it shows that every thing they are doing that is sustainable is going to help them in the future. For example, they believe that opportunities created by the Olympic project will ensure them long term sustainable development and prosperity of Sochi. It will also create more jobs and opportunity for professional sports.

Things similar to promoting healthy living within Sochi will make sure Sochi is around for a while with healthy individuals. According to the checklist there are many ways planned to promote a healthy lifestyle.

There are nine different ways of how Sochi is going to create sustainable development for the 2014 winter Olympics. In each of the nine ways, there are specific steps and direction on what is going to happen in order to achieve them. If they were not serious about these, they would’t have come up with a plan to conquer them. This is the future of their life and to pass up an opportunity that is a once in a lifetime chance would be failure. I am confident and do believe that Sochi will get everything they plan on getting done, done before the games begin. Promise = Delivery.