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Inspiration From a Hard Worker

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Lynne Andrew is known for being the hardest working woman on campus. She received her bachelor’s degree from Montana State University and her masters from Idaho State University. She has coached many places, and currently is the Associate Athletic Director at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado.

From my experience at Fort Lewis College since 2010, Lynne has been apart of everything in athletics. Every single sporting event, Lynne is there. As a student-athlete, she is available as an ear to listen and a mentor for knowledgeable advice. “Love what you do.” -The advice she gave in class this morning, I can tell she lives by those words.


Moving forward with my life, I will remember and utilize Lynne’s advice. She claims connections and networking is extremely important, as well as being a hard worker.Lynne Andrew’s coaching jobs were mostly obtained by her reputation of having strong work ethics from previous connections.  I try to keep good relations with people I have met in the sport/exercise world-hoping one day I will be remembered as a reliable and hard worker.

Taking time and doing the little things are very important in Lynne’s eyes. I agree, and can tell she does the little things from a personal level. She always says “hello,” and knows each of the 325 student-athletes. It is a good feeling when a high administrator knows you on a personal level and truly cares. There are many positive aspects of Lynne’s sports administrative career I took away from this morning, and I’m more than excited to experience the adventure my life will take me on.

Thanks Lynne Andrew!

Peace & Blessings,

Ab K

Vi-queens new castle

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

The memories from the Minnesota Vikings Metrodome reign back all the way to 1982. It holds many more historical moments beyond the Vikings football games. From monster truck events to Kirby Puckett’s game winning home run to win the 1991 world series, the Metrodome earned its nickname as Minnesota’s “rec room.”

 Early Sunday morning on December 12th 2010, the Metrodome collapsed after a snowstorm dumped nearly 20 inches of snow on Minneapolis.

Mn metrodome collapse


“We’ve worked particularly close with the Vikings over the last two or three years on plans and designs and steps and obviously it can’t help but call attention to the fact that the facility is 28 years old,” Terwilliger said. “It’s one of the oldest facilities in the NFL. There’s a problem when we run this risk of not being able to play a game, because it’s a huge economic hit to the team. But the policymakers will handle these issues.”

This 2013 season for the Vikings will be the last seasons played at this location. The Mall of America Field (Metrodome) will be demolished and the team will be playing at the University of Minnesota’s football TCF Bank Stadium in 2014-2015.

The new stadium will seat approximately 65,000 fans, and can expand to 73,000 seats for a super bowl. 150 suits and up to 7,500 club seats. Compared to the Metrodome, Viking Fans will have more restrooms, enhanced concessions, wider concourses, better accessibility for fans with disabilities, and more space for tailgating and pre-game activities.


  • The total project cost will be $975 million.
  • The Vikings have guaranteed 49% of the cost will be privately covered.
  • They will rely on NFL financing and private financing to cover the rest.
  • The rest, $498 million will be split between the City of Minneapolis and the State of Minnesota and will not include new taxes or have a negative impact on the State’s general fund.

“The City’s $150 million contribution will be paid by redirecting a portion of the current “Convention Center Taxes, while the State will issue appropriation bonds for $348 million. The appropriation bonds will be repaid through the modernization of State-authrorized charitable gaming that includes electronic pull-tabs and bingo.” (

new vikes stadiumHere is a potential design idea for the future stadium.

Vikings remaining six games, Minnesota will be done with Metrodome in just 34 more days.

Peace & Blessings,

-Al & Ab

The Portland Trailblazers on Instagram Straight Flexin’

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Portland, Oregon is taking it to the next level with social media. The professional basketball team introduced an ‘Instagram Night’ which encouraged fans to take part in an Instagram competition. The only requirements were to upload a photo or video and use the specific hashtag for the competition. The Trailblazers displayed the photos in the arena, on their website, and on TV. One instagramer will win a pair of tickets to another Trailblazer game.



Along with the Portland Trailblazers many business and other teams use Instagram for marketing.

New to Instagram and looking to follow some athletes?

From Tony Hawk to Kevin Love, its the new fab. For those of you living under a rock, Instagram is a online photo/video sharing social networking service that allows users to upload their pictures and videos, apply a filter and share them. Instagram is a similar social networking service to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. It is a free App that can be downloaded in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


Tips from Mike Tyson. Listen to the man.

Aside from the jokes, Instagram provides a new and unique marketing technique that brands have been quick to pick up on. The article below shows 20 brands that have “mastered” the art (or use) of Instagram.

Out of the 20 companies they mentioned there were a handful of sport organizations such as:

The NFL,  The Brooklyn Nets, LA Clippers, Adidas, and Red bull.

As fellow Instagramers, we feel more aware of what is going on in the sport media world from this App. It provides a simple way for people to follow their favorite athletes, organizations, and/or teams on the daily.

Peace and Blessings,

Al and Ab


Baby Better Be Going Pro For That Cost..

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Should community sport be available equally to all people? This is a difficult issue to tackle. Sondra, a mother of two boys hoping to play baseball, could agree. Her financial situation is tight, and she believes she cannot afford the participation fee for her sons. The local recreation center told her that participation through their league is a privilege, not a right. -Now that is a bold statement for youth sport.


According to Paul M. Pedersen there are many benefits of community sport. The quality of life, family life, and bonding/social aspects are all positively experienced through sport. One could afrue sport teaches youth many important lessons, develops friendships with common bonds, and physical benefitting factors.


Most people only see the upfront “exercise” benefit of sports, but in reality the benefits go far deeper. Even if your child is not the most athletic kid, they can still benefit from athletics. Children benefit from many different aspects of development including Physical, Emotional, Physiological, Academic, Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution, Discipline, and Work ethic.


Pedersen explains the steps to decision making into six steps:

-define/frame the problem

-identify decision criteria

-develop and evaluate alternatives

-select one of the alternatives

-implement alternative

-evaluate how effective it was



In Sondra’s circumstance, the financial situation is the issue. The importance of sport for youth is unlike other activities available for young people. There should be a way to help families that need financial assistance. Whether that be volunteering, coaching, helping with the rec, setting up financial plans, etc. Setting up a financial plan for low income families would be a alternative the recreation center could evaluate after a season or two and see how beneficial it is for the program and families. Sondra and her family may not be the only family in a tight financial situation. Having financial help available would create more opportunities for the community and potentially expand the amount of participants/youths.



^^ways to save $$ with youth sport.




Bad Grades, Shmad Grades….

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

When you think of the term student-athletes traditionally, the student aspect comes first. Nowadays, the term has flip flopped, the athlete holds the term alive. Recently athletic directors have lowered the GPA requirements at certain schools for athletes to be eligible to play. Ultimately us bloggers (Al and Ab) believe that it does more harm than good.

Good (or reasons the lowered GPA requirements is acceptable): It keeps some kids off the streets and on the courts/fields that typically wouldn’t meet the previous requirements.

Bad (or reasons the lowered GPA requirements is unfavorable): Work ethic and internal motivation to achieve in the classroom is lost. Laziness and being able to just get by becomes the new norm. NCAA requires a minimum GPA in college so if those student-athletes expect to play at a higher division, high school would not be preparing them effectively if they lower the GPA.

All in all, lowering the GPA for high school student athletes ultimately hurts them in the long run. Keeping the GPA where its at and providing study hall and tutoring options for the student-athletes would be a beneficial way to provide outlets for the struggling scholars.

Here is a funny video on the topic.


“You do that homework assignment, Can I see it?”

Peace and Blessings,

Al & Ab