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Now Thats A Lot Of Money: Atlanta Falcons Stadium

Friday, November 22nd, 2013


As the Atlanta Flacons build this 1 Billion dollar retractable roofed stadium, that should be upon completion in 2017 we ask how and where is the money coming from? Well there was a lot of work that went into this, it didn’t happen just over night. To be specific two years of negotiating was part of the process. “According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the city’s economic development arm voted 8-1 to approve issuing more than $200 million in bonds” these bond are coming from hotel-motel taxes. The old Georgia dome when the new stadium is complete will be over 20 years old. This new stadium wont just be an upgrade, but according to the article from CBS sports it will be one of the top facilities in the league. Which I would hope so if it is going to be a 1billion dollar project.


Some issues that come up with public funding for these sports stadiums are that not everybody likes the sports team. For example you could have someone who has never even seen the Atlanta Falcons play a game, and they are helping pay these 200 million dollar bonds. What do they get out of it, since they don’t care about the team. Well that is one problem when coming to this situation, another problem that people look at with a situation like this is, could this money be going to a better cost? Like new medical research, education, or there are plenty of other examples people can make cases that this money can go toward. So ask yourself is this new stadium going to be for the greater good?



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Miami Heat- Larry Loves Miami @MiamiHeat

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Advertising on social media sites like twitter and Instagram, are new ways advertisers are reaching out to fan bases. I myself follow the Miami Heat on Instagram and Twitter they post pictures and activities all the time on them. One example of advertising was after the Heat had won their second title in 2 years they did Larry loves Miami for the Larry O’Brien trophy. This was where Heat fans could come out and feel like they were move involved with the team, and when they feel more involved with the team they are more likely to buy tickets and other merchandise. Especially when these events are taking place at the arena, or Heat Stores


The Miami Heat on Instagram post pictures of the games what days the games are. This is good because we are a social media society now a days, and when we are on social media all the time it is good to post things that will keep the fan base in-tune. The Heat Instagram post pictures of Jerseys that are limited edition, and they hide them on the Heat store website. So it is like a scavenger hunt to find these limited jerseys on there before they are all out. The last example that i have is for some games they post a picture of the item of the game that you can buy from their Heat store.

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 7.21.29 AM

Overall I think that they are doing a good job of adverting and putting the team out there for their fans. The social media advertising is a good thing because it reaches out to the fan base around the world and kind of gives them a sense of feeling that they are a local fan. With the product advertisement i think it is really good because die-hard heat fans are going to want those limited jerseys or items of the game. The one thing that i would have to suggest for them that they should do a section on where they follow a Heat player through their whole day and post videos and pictures of this. I believe that it would really give fans the feelings of involvement in the players lives, and a look through the organization. Other than that it is a good job of advertisement, and i have even been tempted to buy things because i have seen them on these social media sites

.Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 7.23.10 AM


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Money Trees: The common good approach for all classes in youth sport

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Kids playing sports when they are young is a big part of their young lives. Unfortunately sometimes it cost money to participate in the youth leagues, which is the case for Sondra. Sondra the single mother of four children would like to enroll two her kids into a youth sports league. Sondra is a single mother, who doesn’t have the financial resources to enroll her kids for the $75 fee. The youth league even offers a discount for enrolling multiple children, but that cost is still too much for Sondra.

This situation doesn’t just affect Sondra; there are families all over the country that are affected by financial situations like this. For Sondra she was told that “sport participation is a privilege, not a right”, but I feel that sport participation is important for kids growing up. By participating in sports, it allows kids to live a fit/healthy life, and also gives them something to do and stay out of trouble. The kids that are more likely to be troubled in life are the kids in the lower economic class. I myself don’t feel as if sports should be limited by money, especially with kids. Sure it cost money to run the leagues, but there should be someway that would allow low-income children to participate in sports.

Finding that balance of how to implement a way to allow kids of all financial standing to participate in sport is probably the most difficult issue that resides with this situation. So as we all know that money doesn’t grow on trees (or we at least haven’t found that tree yet), when trying to find the balance that allows equal access to youth sports for all economic classes would be the common good approach. When thinking of a way to do this I came up with a couple ideas, like starting a petition to lower costs, or have a payment plan. I know that the rec center in this situation said that they were in tight budget at the time, but they would have to be able to do something to help the kids out. I don’t think that this would be the most affective way to take action for this situation, most ideal yes, would it work probably not. Another way to take action with Sondra’s situation would be to look at other leagues around, or after school programs that are offered at her kid’s schools. This type of action probably isn’t the most ethical way to do so, because her kids should have a right to play in this league.

The best way I could think of to take action with this situation would be, to offer a fundraising opportunity to kids before the league starts. This would allow them to raise money that would go toward their participation fee. By doing this it allows all kids to raise their own money to play in the league instead of it coming from the family income. As the kids earn their own money it helps them achieve the goal of participating in sports without creating a financial deficit to their family’s budget.

So when dealing with money and sports we will always run into complications. In the case of Sondra’s situation this is the action that I would take. I do agree that sports are a privilege but shouldn’t be limited by money, for kids who really want to play sports. So fundraising in a situation like this would be the best way to help both the family, and the rec center. It allows the kids to raise their own money teaching that sport is a privilege, and the rec center gets their money still.


“STUDENT” Athlete VS. Student Athlete: How the GPA minimum drop affects the student side of student athlete.

Friday, October 25th, 2013

We believe that in the long run the lowering of the GPA really hurting the students athletes. By lowering the GPA it allows student athletes to be rewarded by participation in athletics for doing less work in the classroom. However there is some good that comes from the lowering of the GPA, for example it allows kids with troubled life’s to participate in sport and possibly help them change their life. We believe that even if it does help the kid on bad tracks turn their lives around, what will happen after high school? If student athletes are barley maintaining a minimum GPA of a 1.5 the odds that they will succeed in college or even get into college are very low.

Abel and myself both agree that if we really want the student athletes to succeed then a higher GPA minimum should be required. Sure you could say it is hard to get a higher once it is low but it is something that needs to be instilled throughout school systems. By lowering the GPA minimum it tells student athletes that it is ok to put sports ahead of school. When really it should be the other way around because the percentage of student athletes that go on to play professional is low. So if they aren’t one of those few that make it professional they should have school to fall back on. This is why we think that the lowering of the minimum GPA is hurting the overall status of the student part, of student athlete.