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New Media for a New Arena

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

New Media is on the rise, the internet is now more accessible and available and many companies and organizations are eager to reach a broader public through social media participation. This channel of communication allows for quicker diffusion of information between fans and organizations. It also allows for fans to create there own content with pictures and videos. Nearly all leagues and teams in all sorts of sports are already participating in social media. So much so that even sports journalists cannot be credible without a twitter account. Since the internet is not limited to local markets marketing through these sites is essential for any business in the sports market.

New media has become commonplace in many homes and offices but not so much in the arena setting. New part owner of the Sacramento kings Andrew Miller has plans to change that. the former Apple executive in charge of the Iad department is now head of the technology committee for the Sacramento Kings arena set to open in 2016.  Miller plans on upgrading the wifi in the arena and possibly implementing hands free tablets in the back of seats where fans can post on the jumbo tron, search stats, and order food from their seats. The folling link provides an interview with andrew miller.

Kings New Arena


Pay to Play or Sit to Save

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Sondra can’t reasonably afford to participation for her two children to play baseball at the local recreation center. the problem is that the health promotion community is encouraging parents to emphasize physical activity  and healthy life styles but too often outlets for youth sports and activities are limited for low income families. Registration fees and organizing costs are contributing to an unequal  participation based on class and increased obesity rates.

When Sondra met with the Rec-center Director she was told that sport participation is a privilege and not a right. This is a valid point  considering the risk of injury in sport. Even though it is a privilege, we as a society have an obligation to improve social equality and overall health. It can be argued that future generations have more of a right to participation because of the increased threats of unhealthy or sedentary lifestyles in a technology and junk food saturated environment.

Allowing for more options for low-income families to work around financial constrains  can be an effective mode of improving participation equality. One option would be to explore multi-payment programs for  qualifying families. Families with more expendable income could be charged more, with the extra funds directed toward qualifying low income families. Volunteer time could also be offered to compensate for costs, but many single parents often cant spare enough time away form work.  Youth sports could also partner with other assistance programs utilized by some low income families.

A fall in youth sports participation for low income families contributes to more health disparities in the long run and more difficulties for families introducing their children to extracurricular activities in the short term. Communities should consider offering as many options to improve access to sports participation for those who arguably need it the most.