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Real Madrid vs. Chicago Cubs

Friday, March 14th, 2014

The Real Madrid website not only supports soccer, as I assumed, but also basketball. It supplies information on the teams and players, and also on lower tier teams that Real Madrid pulls from. Two way communication on the site consists of the club’s social media outlets, with links to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Customer service can also be reached through some email and phone numbers linked on  the page. The main focus of the page is showing the success of the team, as well as education on the sport for new or foreign fans.


In comparing this site to the site of the Chicago Cubs, a major difference that I notice in two way communication is the ability to enter your personal information on the front page and ask a question without delving any deeper into the site. The team also has more social media outlets linked from the front page, including instagram and pinterest, sites based more on showing team merchandise and sponsors than fan outreach. In addition, a readily found app is linked from the home page, enabling fans to stay connected to their team 24/7. Community outreach seems to be much more predominant on the Cub’s site than Real Madrid’s, with three noticeable links right from the beginning, whereas Real Madrid’s does not seem to host any links anywhere on the site. I was surprised to find a language translator to 5 different languages on the top bar of the page, including Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. This makes sense, due to the popularity of baseball in the far eastern Asian countries, and the proximity of Mexico to not only the U.S., but the hugely popular Cactus League of spring training.


The main differences between the two sites seem to be Real Madrid’s focus on success and education, compared to the Cub’s focus on fan connection and community outreach. Part of the Cub’s fan connection includes their availability of team attire, whereas Real Madrid does not seem to have any.