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Changes to DI Athletic Policies

Monday, April 7th, 2014

With the recent media attention garnered due to some questionable choices in student-athlete selection, current coaching contracts have undergone a series of changes to incorporate stronger coach involvement in the student aspect of the student-athletes college experience.
Coaching contracts will undergo reform based on the APR graduation rankings. Currently, we are mandated to score a 930 average over the previous 4 years of competitive seasons. Our institution will strive to exceed this mark over larger margins:
Beginning with the 2014-15 season, programs will be required to meet this mark. The first year offense will result in a $500 fine per point below, increasing marginally for 5 years to a total of $1000 per point below, with a maximum fine of $10,000. Fines will be contributed to the general academic scholarship fund.
Teams averaging 940+ will receive an additional $10,000 funding to the programs travel and expense funds, as well as:
$5,000 salary bonus to head coaches, and $1,000 bonus to assistant coaches for scores up to 949
$10,000 salary bonus to head coaches and $2,000 bonus to assistant coaches for scores 950-959
$15,000 salary bonus to head coaches and $3,000 bonus to assistant coaches for scores 960+
In addition, coaches will be expected to raise student-athlete standards in the classroom. GPA requirements will be raised from the current 2.0 to 2.5, class attendance mandatory, and implemented weekly study halls.
The goal of this contract incentive is to exceed all NCAA academic minimums and encourage classroom success hand-in-hand with athletic success.