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Baby Better Be Going Pro For That Cost..

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Should community sport be available equally to all people? This is a difficult issue to tackle. Sondra, a mother of two boys hoping to play baseball, could agree. Her financial situation is tight, and she believes she cannot afford the participation fee for her sons. The local recreation center told her that participation through their league is a privilege, not a right. -Now that is a bold statement for youth sport.


According to Paul M. Pedersen there are many benefits of community sport. The quality of life, family life, and bonding/social aspects are all positively experienced through sport. One could afrue sport teaches youth many important lessons, develops friendships with common bonds, and physical benefitting factors.


Most people only see the upfront “exercise” benefit of sports, but in reality the benefits go far deeper. Even if your child is not the most athletic kid, they can still benefit from athletics. Children benefit from many different aspects of development including Physical, Emotional, Physiological, Academic, Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution, Discipline, and Work ethic.


Pedersen explains the steps to decision making into six steps:

-define/frame the problem

-identify decision criteria

-develop and evaluate alternatives

-select one of the alternatives

-implement alternative

-evaluate how effective it was



In Sondra’s circumstance, the financial situation is the issue. The importance of sport for youth is unlike other activities available for young people. There should be a way to help families that need financial assistance. Whether that be volunteering, coaching, helping with the rec, setting up financial plans, etc. Setting up a financial plan for low income families would be a alternative the recreation center could evaluate after a season or two and see how beneficial it is for the program and families. Sondra and her family may not be the only family in a tight financial situation. Having financial help available would create more opportunities for the community and potentially expand the amount of participants/youths.



^^ways to save $$ with youth sport.