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Can Sochi Get it Done?

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

The vision of the Winter 2014 Olympic games held in Sochi, Russia is set high. It states that

 “highly innovative Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, that will express the spirit of modern Russia and bring with them sustainable, positive change for the whole country.”

This is a big promise to fulfill while preparing for Olympic games. However, with the research done and information given, it seems to me that Sochi will be able to deliver on their promises.

This video shows a man speaking on behalf of an organizing committee for the 2014 games. He stresses that the most important thing is to build things that are environmentally friendly while still getting the job done. . Along with building green, some other sustainable features they plan to achieve are healthy lifestyles, modern technologies, economic prosperity and sustainable development management systems.

If you look at the website, it shows that every thing they are doing that is sustainable is going to help them in the future. For example, they believe that opportunities created by the Olympic project will ensure them long term sustainable development and prosperity of Sochi. It will also create more jobs and opportunity for professional sports.

Things similar to promoting healthy living within Sochi will make sure Sochi is around for a while with healthy individuals. According to the checklist there are many ways planned to promote a healthy lifestyle.

There are nine different ways of how Sochi is going to create sustainable development for the 2014 winter Olympics. In each of the nine ways, there are specific steps and direction on what is going to happen in order to achieve them. If they were not serious about these, they would’t have come up with a plan to conquer them. This is the future of their life and to pass up an opportunity that is a once in a lifetime chance would be failure. I am confident and do believe that Sochi will get everything they plan on getting done, done before the games begin. Promise = Delivery.

A Sustainable Sochi….?

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Can Sochi reach sustainability by the 2014 Winter Olympic Games?

Yes, I believe Sochi can and will reach a level of sustainability by February 2014. In particularly, the “Games with minimal impact on climate” seems to be a very achievable goal, considering the fact that most of the current issues or environmental challenges in Sochi are a direct result of the current system being extremely outdated.

One way in which Sochi can reduce their impact on the environment is by updating their current transportation system. A number of their current environmental issues such as air pollution and poor traffic flow, will be reduced in severity by constructing a newer transportation system.

In addition to updating their transportation system, their plans to update their waste management systems will also play a huge role in being more environmentally friendly. The reduction of water consumption, implementing water collection techniques, recycling, and the construction of waste water drainage systems will only further reduce the effects the games have on the environment.

The next prong to the three prong sustainability approach is economic sustainability. Through the construction of new sports facilities, roads and railways, hotels, athlete village builds, as well as many other construction projects, Sochi should see a good result in their economic growth.

Taking into consideration that one of the proposed plans was to ensure:

“the predominant us of local and regional labor resources, materials, components, and equipment”.

One would expect at minimum, a decent amount of economic growth for the city of Sochi.

In addition, according to the Sochi 2014 website:

“the Olympic Project has already created and supported 239 thousand new jobs”


With that type of job growth, it would almost seem impossible not to see the economy around Sochi, strengthen.

The last factor of the sustainability model is the social aspect. The promotion of leading a healthy lifestyle is occurring and their goals for this aspect are also quite achievable. With the construction of new sport facilities it will allow Sochi to host large scale events after the completion of the Olympics and Paralympics. By hosting large sports event, a good portion of the cities population will gain motivation to participate in sports and physical activities. Both of these are steps to living a healthier life. The new facilities will also allow for a broaden sports participation options.

It appears as though Sochi can, and if all goes as planned, will reach some stage of sustainability. The level of sustainability reached will all depend on how well the planners execute the proposed plans.