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The WNBA’s Media Rights Deal with ESPN

Monday, April 28th, 2014

The WNBA has recently (2013) signed a new deal with ESPN and ABC for coverage of their games through the year 2022. This is through the WNBA’s 25th anniversary. The WNBA will make $12 million each year with $1 million being given to each team.  There was a drop off in viewer of WNBA games in 2012 and it was thought that the WNBA would be on the decline.  The WNBA had a previous contract with ESPN through the 2015-2016 which was signed in 2007.  I couldn’t find much about the WNBA’s media deals previous to 2007. I believe that this is in part happening so that the WNBA can stay afloat this deal is really helping them out economically. This new contract takes the place of the old one.  This new contract has also added two games that will be covered: a Memorial Day double-header, which is meant to be like the Christmas double-header for the NBA.  Last season, number of viewers went up significantly.  The WNBA’s Memorial Day games were viewed the most because it was a coming out party of sorts for Elena Delle Donne, Skylar Diggins, and Brittney Griner, three prominent NCAA stars that were rookies last season.  It is believed by ESPN that the WNBA is a good investment because they attract loyal fans every year, it is part of their expansion in covering women’s sports, and the WNBA attracts more viewers than the MLS does.  It is also interesting to note that this deal caused the WNBA to revamp itself, with a new logo and a new deal with Adidas (new uniform style) riding the coattails of this deal with ESPN.  Another interesting fact is that 66% of the viewers of the WNBA are male, and half of the viewers are African American.  I think that in order for the WNBA to gain more viewers, they need to appeal to women more.  I don’t know how they would go about that but I think that if they appeal to their own gender more it will increase viewership numbers.  Maybe that will happen with time as well, since more and more girls are playing basketball.   Hopefully one day the WNBA will be more popular than it is and that it won’t be just a memory of a league that once was.

Coaching Contracts

Monday, April 7th, 2014

It disturbs me that my men’s basketball and football coaches are caring less and less about academics and more and more about on the court success.  In order to make it so the coaches start recruiting athletes who focus more on academics I will make changes to their contracts.  Unfortunately, I do not believe that punishing the coaches will change anything because athletic success might be enough incentive to keep pursuing athletes with poor GPAs.  In order to obtain more academic success, I will decrease the amount of money that comes as a bonus for doing well athletically, and I will increase the number of possible bonuses and the amount of money for those bonuses if the coach does well with academics.  According to a study of Division I coaching contracts by Wilson and Burke, athletic incentives make up around 90% of all the incentives a coach receives.  I believe that we can take some of this money they can potentially earn and put it into academic incentives.  I think that the academic incentives will do are:

  • Team GPA higher than a 3.0
  • Incoming Freshmen high school GPA being higher than a 3.0
  • Earning National Academic Accolades
  • An APR rating of >980
  • A GSR (Graduation Success Rate) of >85%

I believe that if one lowers the amount of athletic incentive money listed in contracts that you will be able to increase importance on academics.

Another way I will emphasize academics is write into the contracts clauses that include potential termination if the coach is not making academic progress.  I will define academic progress as team GPAs increasing each season or staying above a 3.0, and/or APR and GSR increasing each season or staying at desired levels.

I understand that a lot of this is also determined on the student and what type of student they are.  That is why the coach will be required to have a mandatory study hall, and must provide tutors to the athletes.  This will also be written into their contracts.

If all of these methods are used, I believe that my coaches will start putting more emphasis on academics.

Real Madrid vs. The Phoenix Suns

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

The Real Madrid website not only shows information about their football (soccer) club, but also their basketball club.  The website updates fans and members about recent news as well as gives information about the teams, players, feeder teams and membership opportunities.  According to Forbes’ information about Real Madrid, “members” seem to be the stockholders of the club.  Members are the only ones that can have season tickets. This site seems geared towards both fans and members.  There doesn’t seem to be open two-way communication, though there are links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. where you can comment at the club.  There is also a link for Line, which seems to be a messenger app, but it does not say if you can communicate with the club. I found a lot of dates/deadlines listed in Real Madrid’s website that said 2012, I wonder if because this is their English site they haven’t felt the need to update it.

Real Madrid seems to be its own entity compared to the website for the Phoenix Suns, which is under the NBA.  Because it is an NBA team, the Suns website has a ticker that shows all the scores in the NBA.  Real Madrid only has Real Madrid scores. Unlike Real Madrid, anyone can buy seasons tickets for Suns games, not just members.  The Suns’ website seems fully updated. The Suns website is more casual and fun then the Real Madrid website.  The Real Madrid website does not talk about entertainers and performers that are part of their organization.  The Suns have a link for the Gorilla and for their dancers and cheerleaders.  Real Madrid has U-19 and developmental feeders, the Suns D-League (developmental league) team is not linked anywhere, and is its own separate entity as well.  You can contact the Suns directly with email, you cannot do that with Real Madrid.  Some of the tabs are the same on both websites, however, with news, fan zone, shop and tickets.