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For the Love of the (work) Game!

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

About Lynne!
She moved around a lot in her career. She originally came to the states from Canada to play basketball, and then played for a year in Germany. When she came back she finished her schooling at Montana State and started coaching at the high school level. She started at the high school level thinking it was a place for her because of a mentor/ role model she had had in high school. Lynne then realized she preferred the college level and enjoyed recruiting players. She went to assistant coach at University of North Dakota and then took a job at Weaver University. After that she moved on to Idaho State for four years to assistant coach, her last year they went to the NCAA tournament. She then was denied the head coach position so she went on to finish her master’s degree in athletic administration. This made her realize she was going to end up doing something involving that. For 5 years she then ended up with the head coaching job at Alaska Fairbanks. After this she came to FLC for compliance. The next year ended up taking over scholarships and then took over game managing, work study supervision and scheduling. The office manager position was then gotten rid of and Lynne hired and made up the title of athletic operations coordinator which will help her with work.

The main points that I gathered from Lynne’s talk was that communication with others even those not in your field, networking and loving and caring for what you do are some of the most important things to pay attention to and do to succeed in the career field.

Let the kids play!

Monday, October 28th, 2013

(1)To start this issue is somewhat unfair to the children missing out on the opportunity to participate in the league. It would not be right for the director to allow Sondra’s children to play at a lower fee. (2) Sondra cannot expect the league to allow her kids to participate if she does not have enough money to support the league’s budgets. We don’t know if she would be able to volunteer or help the league in any other way and it is up to the board or director whether or not an exception could be made. There is the concern that the kids won’t gain social skills and physical activity because they are not able to join. It is upsetting that Sondra was told participation is only a privilege for children and not a right. She should have asked if there was a possibility she could pay the fee over the course of the season, this may have been more of a possibility for her instead of spending all the money up front. She also could have had her boys try to raise money themselves to play by doing things for others such as mowing lawns, raking leaves etcetera. (3) The utilitarian approach, justice approach and common good approach would say to have the boys do a fundraiser or chores for others, helping to raise money so they could play. The rights based approach could go either way, although some parents may not see it fair that Sondra could pay the fee over time. Some could understand and not see a problem, since she eventually is paying the same amount as them. As far as the virtue approach I would say that the boys should earn the money Sondra cannot afford by doing good acts, and then they will get to enjoy playing in the league and learn to earn things for themselves when needed.

(4) With all this being said, my decision is that the boys can earn the money themselves, still with some help from their mother, especially with safety. I believe others would see this decision as a good one. (5)  My decision can easily be put into place. Starting in the boys neighborhood, they can ask around who needs help. Depending on the time of year they can rake, shovel, or mow lawns. They should let the people know what their cause is. I see this as being very effective and helpful in leading towards their participation in sport!