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The children should not be the ones getting punished.

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Getting involved in a recreational sport or league especially at a young age is always fun and exciting. Getting children involved in sports helps them learn how to be team players, how to socially interact with other children and helps them build confidence. However, being on these teams come with fees for their equipment and other expenses. Is it right to strip the child of being on a team sport because some families are not able to afford it.

Sondra’s children are the ones being most affected by the decision to not allow them to play because they are losing the opportunity to learn and grow. I believe this decision is about what is most efficient for the company rather than thinking of another way to help the children. It is known that there is no financial support for parents such as Sondra with a limited family income. I could learn more about options available for her but I do not believe there is enough evidence to make a decision.

I believe some children have a higher stake in the outcome because a sports team helps keep them mentally and physically stimulated and focusing their energy on a goal to help the team succeed. Learning this at a small age can be beneficial as they grow older. Some options I came up with is the children can do community service around the recreation center to help pay off their fees or they could host a fundraiser. Either way the child is learning how to raise the fees themselves and it leaves them in control of what they want.

This could approached by the utilitarian approach because if children can work off their fees to the recreation center then they could essentially almost get “unpaid” labor. Fundraising is also an excellent choice to make if the rec center has more than one family who needs help financially being able to pay for the fees. I believe this is the best approach because kids learn how to work and earn something as suppose to it just being handed to them. If this were to be sought out then the children would need adult supervision the entire time, so nothing happens to them.